150 refugees line up for Food Bank in San Antonio

As the refugee industry booms, and the recession continues, I suspect this is a story being repeated in “welcoming” cities across America.   From My San Antonio News:

They walked from apartment complexes in clusters. They wore traditional scarves, sarongs and wraps, some mix-matched with Western attire.

They filed behind 60-year-old Ka Sin of Myanmar (Burma) as he held a sign with the words “start here.” Women, men and children from Iran, Iraq, Bhutan, Myanmar, Burundi and Ethiopia stretched along the wall of the Bombay Hall Indian restaurant into the parking lot on the Northwest Side.

The wind whipped women’s scarves and the voucher slips they held to receive food from San Antonio Food Bank’s mobile pantry.

More than 150 refugees lined up at 9 a.m. Thursday at 8783 Wurzbach Road to receive food and fellowship from humanitarian agencies in their new country. The San Antonio Food Bank, Catholic Charities and Communities in Schools sponsored the food-distribution program with help from more than 40 volunteers from several church outreach ministries.

Food stamp and medicaid applications all take longer while we continue to bring high numbers of refugees to the US.  For FY2010 we expect to resettle 80,000 refugees, the highest number since before 9/11.

Paula Walker, the Catholic Charities director of refugee programs, said that while the United States’ economy struggles, the refugee program is booming.

“What we’re faced with is food stamps and Medicaid applications taking longer to process than in years past,” Walker said.

Cloward and Piven anyone?

Canadian Tamil ship has impact on similar ship in Australian waters

Another shipload of Tamil would-be “asylum-seekers” is being forced to stay at sea off Australia as politicians haggle.   The ultimate question, are there people with terror ties on board?   From World News Australia:

A group of 78 asylum seekers rescued by the Australian Navy face another three days at sea after Indonesian authorities turned them away from their destination.


Outspoken MP Wilson Tuckey provoked the ire of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Thursday by suggesting that terrorists could be hiding among groups of asylum seekers trying to reach Australia.

Mr Rudd called on Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull to withdraw his support for the veteran Liberal, in the wake of his “disgusting” comments.

But Mr Turnbull refused, and on Friday Mr Tuckey accused the Prime Minister of being “a bully” for trying to get him dumped from parliament.

Adding to the confusion, it has emerged that one of 76 migrants arrested on a rusted ship off Canada last week is wanted in Sri Lanka on terror charges – apparently adding weight to Mr Tuckey’s claim.

The 26-year-old man, whose identity was withheld due to a court-ordered publication ban, is being sought by Sri Lankan authorities who issued an Interpol notice for an unspecified terror offence.

For background, see my previous post, here, on the Tamil “refugee” ship in Vancouver.

Tamil Tiger believed to be among those on Vancouver “refugee” ship

This is an update of the story the other day from Canada.   It appears that Canadian authorities believe at least one of the 76 would-be asylum seekers who arrived in British Columbia is a member of the outlawed Tamil Tigers.  From AFP:

OTTAWA — One of 76 migrants arrested on a rusted ship off Canada’s Pacific Coast is wanted in Sri Lanka on terror charges, a source close to the investigation said Thursday.

The 26-year-old man, whose identity was withheld due to a court-ordered publication ban, is being sought by Sri Lankan authorities who issued an Interpol notice for an unspecified terror offense.

The source told AFP he is suspected of being involved with the Tamil Tigers, a separatist group outlawed by Canada for using suicide bombings in their struggle for Tamil independence from Sri Lanka.

“Individuals who are found to have terrorism or organized crime links are ineligible to make asylum claims in Canada,” said Alykhan Velshi, spokesman for Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

“Our government will be arguing in court or at asylum hearings that any individual who has links to terrorism or organized crime… should be deported.”

Now get this!  Apparently it’s out-of-bounds when trying to identify illegal aliens to ask their country of origin for help.   Oh brother!

The opposition Liberals meanwhile criticized federal authorities for seeking help from Sri Lankan authorities in establishing the identities of the migrants.

The 76 men were detained by federal police on Friday, after the Canadian navy seized the mysterious “Ocean Lady” freighter off Canada’s west coast.

Woody and Mia’s boy genius has some NGO noses out of joint

I don’t know what it is with celebrities and refugees, but here is another version of the ‘stars’ doing high profile humanitarian work.  Ronan Farrow, reportedly a genius who went to college at age 11 has been appointed a special liason between NGO’s working in Pakistan and the State Department.

Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, has appointed Woody Allenand Mia Farrow’s son Ronan Farrow as the liasion for nonon [non?]-governmental organizations working in Pakistan. Read more on Ronan Farrow below.

Representatives from several organizations including Save the Children, Church World Service, the International Rescue Committee, and Care met with Holbrooke recently to discuss what they are trying to do with humanitarian assistance in Pakistan.

A young man accompanied Holbrooke and was introduced as Ronan Farrow, who will be his special liaison to NGOs working in Pakistan.

This decision wasn’t taken well by some people who argue Ronan doesn’t have enough experience at the young age of 21.

“You have seasoned, experienced NGO officials dealing with some very sensitive foreign policy and humanitarian aid issues, whose main contact in Holbrooke’s office is a [21] year old whose experience has been traveling to southern Sudan with his mom,” the humanitarian official said.

Read on.  There is more at Stupid Celebrities Gossip.

Kevin Myers: term ‘asylum-seekers’ rings all the liberal bells

Irish columnist, Kevin Myers, has a good column in the Belfast Telegraph yesterday pointing out the idiotic ‘diversity uber alles’ suicidal actions of western countries happily transforming illegal aliens into ‘asylum seekers’ and welcoming them.  Meanwhile, many countries in the world are off limits to white people.

Whereas it would have been possible for Caucasians to have visited almost anywhere in the globe in relative safety 25 years ago, there are at least a dozen countries where kidnap and or death would be the immediate reward for the white outsider. |This barren crescent reaches round much of the globe and includes large parts, or all, |of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi, Somalia, Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, Gaza and Morocco.

And Western Europe, in all its sublime intelligence, has made a point of accepting huge numbers of immigrants from these countries. Wherever they were not accepted as ‘immigrants’, they promptly turned themselves into ‘asylum-seekers’, a legal camouflage that was promptly accepted by a generally witless media.

‘Illegal immigrant’ gets no tearful headlines, but ‘asylum-seeker’ rings all the liberal bells so that suddenly ‘asylum-seekers’ they then became.

Saudi and Somali ‘asylum-seekers’ have been a primary source of terrorist activity in Britain. In Holland, Moroccans ditto.

He asks, when is the last time you saw some Muslim country invite diverse peoples to come live among them?

This is all part of a collapse of cultural and ethnic self-confidence in Europe. No Asian, African or Arab city feels the necessity to complete its cosmopolitan image by importing hundreds of thousands of foreigners.

Tokyo, Peking, Bombay, Madras, Cairo and Lagos are ethnically pretty much the same as they were half a century ago.

But in Europe, it is now obligatory for any self-respecting modern city to have a large proportion of its population from other continents. This is called ‘diversity’.

And an ideologically multicultural state like Britain has set itself ‘diversity targets’, which reward visible displays of ethnic difference and punish their opposite.

Read it all.

Along these same lines, see Brenda Walker’s VDARE article on how chicken Europe has become in the face of Muslim immigration, here.

By the way, we just told you two days ago that asylum-seekers are on the rise, here.  Most are from Muslim countries seeking entry into western countries.