Two more Muslim immigrants questioned in NYC terror probe, one is Bosnian

No time to write much about this breaking news story.   I don’t know if this guy is one of the 100,000 plus Bosnians we brought to the US after Bill Clinton’s Balkan war, but he very well could be, or the child of one.  Is this another example, like the Somalis, of refugee children growing up with radical Islamic leanings in the US?

NEW YORK — Federal investigators questioned two men whose photographs were shown to a Muslim religious leader along with a picture of an Afghan immigrant accused of plotting a bomb attack in New York City.

Adis Medunjanin, a Bosnian immigrant, met voluntarily with investigators for 14 hours, said Robert Gottlieb, a New York lawyer representing him.

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A refugee racket, or two?

Here is a story from the UK this week that caught my attention, ‘Conman jailed for bogus charity cash claims.’   It seems this Rwandan asylee set up a bogus refugee group and persuaded charities to give him grants which he then used for his own high-flying lifestyle.

A PLYMOUTH man who conned the BBC’s Children in Need and the Big Lottery Fund out of thousands of pounds has been jailed.

Unemployed Kanyogota Sejojo swindled more than £18,000 out of the two national charities – and the Devon Community Foundation Fund – by making a series of bogus funding claims on behalf of a “false” charity.

Sejojo, aged 40, was sentenced to 19 months in prison on Tuesday.
In a statement issued on behalf of all three funding organisations, they said they welcomed the conviction.

“As the funders of charities affected by this criminal activity we very much welcome the sentencing at Isleworth Crown Court of Kanyogota Sejojo for fraudulently obtaining charitable funds by deception and misusing charitable funds,” the statement said.

We (and the Brits too!) are such suckers for anyone who says they are taking care of refugees.

The extent of his “systematic and well-organised” crime was uncovered during a lengthy and detailed investigation by the Metropolitan Police Service’s Specialist and Economic Crime Command.

Sejojo, who came to the UK from Rwanda during the late 1990s as an asylum seeker, committed his offences between 2003 and 2004.

During these years he moved from London to Plymouth where he established a ‘charitable organisation’ called the Devon African Refugee Community Association.

This organisation had the stated aim of providing support and financial aid to refugees from his homeland.

The court heard how Sejojo made a series of successful funding bids to organisations including the Big Lottery Fund (£10,000), BBC Children in Need (£2,750) and the Devon Community Foundation Local Network Fund (£5,900).

But instead of spending the money on bona fide charity work, Sejojo used it to subsidise his own lifestyle and improve his social standing by appearing to be a benefactor to other asylum seekers.

Skipping over to the USA

I received an e-mail at RRW this week from someone looking for leads on grant money for a non-profit in Georgia.  But, the ACORN scam (and its mortgage projects and federal grant rip-offs) has made me so cynical, I don’t know if I believe this is a legit organization.  Here is the e-mail (I’ve left the woman’s name out), maybe a reader can tell me if this is for real.   Note from the website that they are geared to helping people in Haiti, so what gives with the Georgia connection?

My name is (blank), I am part of a non-profit organization( We have partnered with a financial consulting firm(fiducia Financial services) to do financial education for immigrants. We have visited several churches and been able to assist a lot with the mortgage crisis and others for free. We are located in Ga, and wanted to know what federal/states grants are available in GA to reach out to such vulnerable populations. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Makes me wonder if Wade Rathke has been doing some community organizing in Haiti!  The UK too!  And, by the way, it’s no longer “for free” when the taxpayers are asked to pay for the charitable work.

FBI: Relations with Somalis in US good; Omar Jamal says no they aren’t

I have to say, I am sick to death of the Somali missing “youth” story.  We are going on a year now since the issue burst (at least on the internet) on the national scene.  Now we know the missing “kids” are not so much missing but chose to leave the good life the refugee resettlement program gave them to join the Jihadists in Africa.  Here is the latest from Seattle where FBI Director Mueller held a press conference earlier this week.   There isn’t much new here, but I’m repeating it for new readers.*

From AP:

SEATTLE — The FBI is working to maintain good relations with Somalis in Seattle and across the country as it examines the role of U.S.-raised Somali men who have returned to their homeland to fight alongside terrorists, the agency’s director said Monday.

The FBI in recent years has investigated money-transfer services and the importation of a mild stimulant called khat, traditionally used by Somalis, leading to feelings of mistrust in the local Somali community toward the agency.

But those issues are outweighed by a strong desire to keep Somali children in the U.S. from becoming radicalized, FBI director Robert Mueller said at a news conference in Seattle.

“The phenomenon of individuals, young individuals, going to Somalia fighting for Al Shabab and perhaps being killed in the course of that fighting is a much more substantive issue that brings us together as opposed to divides us,” he said.

One bomber who took part in a twin suicide bombing at a peacekeepers base in Somalia last month was reportedly from Seattle, and up to 20 men from Minnesota are believed to have returned to Somalia to fight.

Three men – two from the Minneapolis area and one from Seattle – have pleaded guilty in federal court in Minneapolis to terror charges this year. At least three Minnesota men have died, including one whom authorities say carried out a suicide bombing.

Activists in the local Somali community agree that their relationship with the FBI is better than it has been, but some suspicion remains.

Some activists that is!   He’s is back again—Omar Jamal, that is.  I hadn’t seen the Somali mouthpiece mentioned for awhile and thought maybe he had returned to Somalia too with some of his old friends from Tennessee.  Not a chance, I guess.  Although he was convicted of immigration fraud in Memphis a few years back, he is still among us with his pipeline to any reporter who will listen.

In the Minneapolis area, Omar Jamal, executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center, said he strongly disagreed with Mueller’s characterization that good relations exist. He said Monday that ongoing surveillance and investigations made Somalis in the area, including himself, fearful.

Oh right, earlier this summer he was working with the families who lost their “kids” and trying to help the FBI find the recruiters in Minneapolis, what happened with that?  The mosque put a little pressure on him, or maybe CAIR?  Readers, the Somali Advocacy Justice Center is just him!  He gets himself involved in anything and everything including the 2008 Somali supposed cyanide suicide in Denver, this missing “youths” story, and he even dashed off to New York when the Somali pirate went to court.  Sorry, I am too lazy to put all the links in here, just use our search function for Omar Jamal and you will see what I mean.

* For new readers:

The US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US in the last 25 years and then last year had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.

Somali women’s rights advocate speaks in Utah, no refugees attend

This woman is probably one of thousands of people from around the world who would make good and legitimate candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Speaking in Salt Lake City this week, Asha Hagi elmi Amin had this to say:

Asked what message she had for Somalis now living in Utah, Asha Hagi elmi Amin repeated a single word.

“Education, education, education,” she said, “especially the women.”

Education, Amin said, is the only way to freedom. Education, she said, brought her a national platform to advocate for women and for peace in war-torn Somalia.

Education, she said, will empower women, keep them from poverty and allow men and women alike to claim their human rights.

Read about the challenges she faced and what she accomplished.

Amin embraced the only undisputed identity she had left — her womanhood. In 1992 she co-founded “Save Somali Women and Children” and then later the Sixth Clan movement, which brought together women in cross-clan marriages.

The group successfully lobbied for a voice alongside the five male-dominated ruling clans in the country’s peace talks in 2000 and won a role for women in charting the country’s future.

Today, there are 33 women serving in Somalia’s parliament and the pronoun “she” has literally been incorporated in the country’s governing charter.

Amin’s peace efforts have brought her political and humanitarian recognition.

She credits her mother for wanting her daughters to be educated.

Amin said her mother, a polygamous wife, made the “uncommon” decision to send her three daughters to a Quaranic school. Cultural stigma prevalent then held that educated girls would not make good wives, she said.

“She was very ahead of her time,” said Amin, who raised four children in a “very happy” family with her husband, who traveled to Utah with her.

But, then here is the most telling line in the entire article in the Salt Lake Tribune:

None of the Somalian refugees now living in Utah attended.

I was reminded of this post from last year where Ft. Morgan, CO had a kind of ‘meet and greet’ with the Somalis but only the men attended.  Sounded to me like the men wanted to make sure the women didn’t come out in the world and find out what they are missing!

National Association of Evangelicals testifies in support of Amnesty

Roy Beck at NumbersUSA is stunned that a whole host of Evangelical Churches, including even the Salvation Army, testified in support of amnesty for illegal aliens in the US Senate two days ago, here.

Leaders of most of the nation’s evangelical Christians made a shocking endorsement of illegal-alien amnesty today in Senate testimony.

Their spokesman — the head of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) — said high immigration is increasing membership in evangelical churches and is good for the economy.

Polls have shown that evangelical Christians in the pews are the MOST likely to OPPOSE amnesty. If you are one of them, you may want to contact your church leaders immediately.


I am especially devastated by the national evangelical leaders’ callous disregard for the U-6 unemployment rate of nearly 20% — job-seekers (active and recently discouraged) who cannot find any job or who have been forced into involuntary part-time work.

It is incredible to read Rev. Anderson’s testimony talking about the failure in having enough immigration visas to fill the needs of the U.S. business community!

I am embarrassed for him and his 74 colleagues. I am sure they do not mean such inhumane treatment of their fellow Americans. And I am sure they dug themselves into this shameful hole with the most well-intentioned of shovels.

I suggest that the readers of this blog consider forgiveness toward these religious leaders while thoughtfully guiding them to see all the shades and complexities of the immigration issue to which they weren’t exposed by the NAE staff and the open-borders lobby which led them to this pro-amnesty position.

For a list of National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) church affiliates, go here.  Note that one of the Top Ten refugee resettlement federal contractors, World Relief, is a part of the NAE.  

Just a reminder that the NAE and World Relief went to the White House to get marching orders on amnesty, here.

I think Mr. Beck is being too kind.  These groups may say they are all for Christian charity, and that’s how they sell it to their people,  but it’s really all about money(taxpayer and big business and big labor money) and leftwing political power.  For example, World Relief gets over $30 million a year from government grants alone, while it supplies refugees to work in businesses like meatpacking. 

We are seeing the fruits of far Left (Alinskyite) community organizing that has been going on for over 40 years.  They need immigrant numbers to bring about “change.”