Comment worth noting: Mad in Maine!

Update October 5th:  Mad in Maine is back with a good comment and some questions, here.

I don’t know ‘Mad in Maine,’ but I’m glad she took time to write to us today.  We set up the category—comments worth noting— some time ago so that comments like this one wouldn’t get lost tacked onto the end of a post most readers wouldn’t see in a few days.  ‘Mad’ is commenting to my post this morning questioning why “immigrant concerns” are on a higher moral plane then concerns for our own people.  My contention is that the political Leftwing is using the immigrants/refugees as pawns for a larger political agenda and they have studied Alinsky well and know that their agenda (to destabilize communities and bring socialism) cannot succeed unless they wrap it in morally superior badgering of the rest of us to keep us silent.

“Mad’ tells us something about the growing sentiment in states with large and ever-expanding immigrant populations.   And, it isn’t just the immigrants, the government at all levels seems to have been taken over by Radicals!

This whole thing is making me crazy. I’ve been reading the posts on this site for months and my anger and frustration continues to grow.

I’m seeing more and more refugees coming into Maine, accessing state funded services, having more and more children and I’m paying for it all. I won’t even start on the home care fraud issue.

I like to think I’m educated. I’m a licensed professional and have first hand knowledge of how the refugees effect the financial stability of any community.

We have 25% of our income taken out for required deductions that help fund programs that I will NEVER GET TO ACCESS!!! I can’t afford medical insurance. My husband is a diabetic and it’s cheaper for me to pay out of pocket for his medical expenses than to pay for the insurance benefits; which, by the way, only seem to “benefit” the insurance company. I haven’t seen a doctor myself in 5 years. I can’t even begin to discuss dental needs.

We’re barely making ends meet, but I do have a house that I can say is mine (actually the bank still owns it for another 10 years, so I shouldn’t shake the cage). We have to use CASH to buy groceries and pay the utilities. We drive older cars because we can’t afford new ones, and do most of any necessary repairs ourselves. I won’t run the furnace until the very last minute because I have to pay CASH for heating fuel.

Our children are now all over 18, but because they’re not homeless, not pregnant, but are trying to find work or go to college, they can’t even access Mainecare as a Maine resident. I’m told that they are my responsibility until they’re at least 23 years old.

But the refugees keep coming. They have Mainecare, they get food stamps, they get subsidized housing and I’ve heard, only second hand information, don’t bite my head off, that many of them are getting full funding to attend college. They continue to have more and more children, although we stopped with 3 because that’s all we could support. Now our tax dollars are supporting their children, not ours. If you can’t find a job here, go to another state where you might find one. If you can’t find one there, move on. I’ll have to if the time comes.

I’m paying taxes on everything in this state. I’m sure they’re even going to find a way to tax the air that I breath.

Unfortunately, I’ll keep paying and paying and paying and when the time comes for me to “retire”, probably at age 104 the way the economy is going, there will be none of MY contributed money left and I’ll be living in a card board box under a bridge in Bangor.

I’m not racist. I don’t care what color you are or where you come from. I love that the world is made up of many different types of people. I don’t care what religion a person is, but when my own children can’t hang a Christmas decoration at school while some of the refugees are getting access to seperate boy/girl gyms and special prayer rooms and the school children are being asked to limit what they bring for lunch…enough. Assimilate. Have your religion in your home or church, not in the school my taxes pay for.

I’m tired. I’m frustrated. The government seems to be going to hell and there doesn’t seem to be anything that can make it right.

This current administration is acting like a teenage girl who got daddy’s credit card. Enough. Enough. Enough.
Let’s start helping ourselves before we reach out to help others.

Mad In Maine

I had just now finished watching Glenn Beck.  He had on “Moms” who are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore and I came to the computer to check out a new website when I saw ‘Mad’s’ comment.  If you are feeling like ‘Mad’ check it out and know that you are not alone.  These women are connecting on-line nationally and in their communities too—-that will be the first step in taking our towns and cities back from the Radicals.

Why is it a morally superior position to promote the welfare of immigrants to the detriment of Americans?

…while many of those are low income Americans?  That is a question that has been bugging me for a couple of years—ever since I first became aware of the refugee issue when the Virginia Council of Churches (with funding from the federal government) came to our county and dropped off a few hundred refugees.    Why do groups like VCC hold some moral high ground when they bring refugees to a town?  What about local people (many very low income!) and their jobs and their schools and their social comfort level and their taxes?  Don’t our own poor count for anything?  Don’t we all have rights worth respecting?

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought over the last week or so as I prepare to speak to a group in Washington DC this weekend.   And, certainly the ACORN scandal and what it revealed about a group ostensibly set up to help poor people has revealed Far Left political power players for what I believe they really are—power hungry people with politcal goals where working to ‘help the poor’ is really just a cover.   They (the elitist leaders anyway) don’t give a damn about the people—not the poor and middle class even.

Take the revelations over the last couple of days about Obama’s “brain,”  Valerie Jarrett. It seems under the cover of helping the less fortunate she has benefited financially with these real estate investments she held in Chicago and if reports are accurate she will benefit further as the “slums” she allegedly helped create become a glistening Olympic Park.  Power and personal financial goals are hidden under a patina of doing good for the poor.

So, last night as I reread Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,”  I came across a section which gives me an answer and confirms my theory that the poor immigrants are pawns.   I believe the push for open borders and more and more immigration is driven by a desire by the Far Left to accomplish its political agenda—in the short term, immigrants supply the votes for Far Left goals (Bill Clinton confirmed that the other day with his remark about changed demographics since the Republicans took over Congress in 1994).  I think they figure they already have the American poor in their political pockets, nevermind that study after study demonstrates that American minorities, especially blacks, are hurt by the immigrant tide. 

As for the longterm goal,  increasing “diversity” by moving people around the world will result in a borderless utopian world (or so they think).   Imagine just for a moment, if it were understood that the millions of immigrants pouring into America were going to be conservatives voting Republican, would these same people (the Obama/ACORN/SEIU crowd) be encouraging more immigration?  Not a chance!

This is getting too long, back to Alinsky (Obama’s community organizing role model).  You know Alinsky is all about strategy—how to bring about “change” and get political power.  As I have said before, it strikes me that the game was more important for Alinsky then the goal; so a crucial and cynical part of the Left’s strategy says in order to win one must cover whatever one does in a patina of morality.  Incidentally, I believe Obama was a good student, learned the strategy well, but doesn’t know how to follow-up the power he has achieved and govern.  Alinsky never taught governing!   Alinsky said this about a key element in achieving power:

“All effective actions require the passport of morality.”

This is at the end of a paragraph that begins with this:

Moral rationalization is indispensable at all times of action whether to justify the selection or the use of ends or means.   Machiavelli’s blindness to the necessity for moral clothing to all acts and motives—he said “politics has no relation to morals”—was his major weakness.

What I am trying to say is that Leftwing political groups like the Virginia Council of Churches hide under a patina of morality as they push their political goals behind a facade of “caring” for the immigrants.  If they were truly Christians and truly cared, they would care about all people—-including those local less fortunate they step all over when willy-nilly dropping refugees into communities!

They do not hold a morally superior position at all!  They have just told us they do!  It is only a cover for their ‘ends justify the means’  political goals and they have learned to hide under their ‘helping the poor image’ to silence the rest of us.

This post is filed in our ‘community destabilization’ category where it belongs!

Endnote:  Big Government has an Alinsky article posted here, that is worth looking at.  It infuriated me on one point, the Alinsky biographer being interviewed said Alinsky wouldn’t approve of the O’Keefe/Giles ‘dirty trick’ of taping the ACORN workers (actually who cares if he would or wouldn’t!).  I think the biographer is flat-out wrong—Alinsky promoted the concept of the ‘ends justify the means’ ANY MEANS!  

I’ve read a lot of Alinsky and to make my point one story jumps to mind—he went to Rochester to “organize” and pulled a dirty trick.   He hired a bunch of blacks, fed them cans of beans and sent them to a theater (symphony or opera, I can’t remember) and they all passed gas to disrupt the other theater-goers simply to stir up a hornets nest in the city.

Alinsky did, however, disapprove of Bill Ayers and the WeatherUnderground tactics,  not because they were despicable tactics that involved bombing innocent people, but because they weren’t the correct tactics for the situation.  What Bill Ayers accomplished was driving many people who were really ambivalent into the camp of the political Rightwing.  That is what Alinsky objected to!

I doubt that O’Keefe and Giles have driven a single conservative into the arms of the political Leftwing.