Bosnia a haven for Islamic terrorists, but did you know…..

……that we resettled over 100,000 Bosnian Muslims in the US and they freely go back and forth to Bosnia!

The excellent blog Islam in Action posted this story from AdnkronosInternational today which lays out the role Bosnian Islamists are now playing in the international terror arena since the US military saved their butts in Bill Clinton’s Bosnian War.

Bosnia has become a haven for Islamic terrorists who feel protected by local authorities and are planning terrorist acts in various countries, experts on terrorism said on Thursday. Dzevad Galijasevic, a Bosnian expert on terrorism, told Tanjug news agency that there was a “developed network of support for Islamic terrorists” in Bosnia.


“Bosnia is a base for Islamic terrorists who live here in safety, operate training camps and prepare cadres for attacks in third countries,” said Galijasevic.

To demonstrate the utter naivete’ of the Leftists in the Clinton Administration, we resettled 103,107 Bosnian Muslims through 2003 and who knows how many since then.  This is what I said in September 2007:

The largest group of Muslims we ever brought to the US are Bosnians.  From 1990 to 2003 we resettled 103,107 Bosnians.  Any chance a foreign fighter or two slipped in?

If you go to the ORR data bases you will see that they list refugees as only being from the former Yugoslavia and don’t break out the Bosnian numbers.  However, an inside source gave me the number I’ve cited above.   And, although the State Department says they do not keep statistics on the religions of refugees, they do.

So good ol’ Bill, and probably Hillary as well, helped their old friends in the meatpacking industry and brought them some good cheap labor—Bosnians!

I recently learned from another source inside the refugee industry that many Bosnians still own property and even businesses in Bosnia and often travel back and forth.

For all of the posts, including some clever Bosnian fraud schemes, just use our search function for Bosnians or Bosnian Muslims to learn more.   And, by the way, to my critics who don’t believe I mention white people perpetrating frauds or commiting crimes, I do, and you will see a few cases when you search our site for posts on Bosnians.

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