Just a little problem in faraway Bosnia

Yesterday’s Washington Post headline, “In Bosnia, former Fighters Face Expulsion” got my attention.   It seems that the Bosnian government has now figured out that some of the foreign fighters who came to fight in Bill Clinton’s Bosnian war may pose some problems afterall.   Years after many married local women and produced large families, some of those Muslim fighters are being considered for deportation.  Possible links to al-Qaeda are to blame.

Foreign security agencies have long warned that Bosnia, which has struggled to stamp out lawlessness in the postwar period, is fertile ground for terrorist groups seeking a foothold in Europe and trying to recruit so-called white Muslims, non-Arabs who can more easily evade security profiling.

Who knows if they have links to the worldwide terror network, but they sound like charming fellows:

Both denied that they or any foreign fighters in Bosnia have a link to terrorism. But they warned that by separating them from their families, Bosnian authorities are creating a threat of extremism that otherwise would not exist…..  “The government will regret this, and they will pay.”

O.K. so what does this have to do with us?   The largest group of Muslims we ever brought to the US are Bosnians.  From 1990 to 2003 we resettled 103,107 Bosnians.  Any chance a foreign fighter or two slipped in?

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