More on Female Genital Mutilation

Here is a little bit of information to follow up on Judy’s post yesterday about Female Genital Mutilation.  This is from the Center for Immigration Studies report we cited a few days ago.  FMG could be happening here already.  This conversation  took place among the non-profit “church” groups and other agencies involved in resettling refugees.

…… we are told that CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) can be used to educate refugees about the dangers of female genital mutilation (FGM), though there was disagreement as to how to do this in a “culturally appropriate” manner. CDC (Center for Disease Control) recently estimated that more than 150,000 women and girls in the United States may be at risk for or have already been subjected to the operation. Conferees confirmed a back alley practice in the operation, which leads one to wonder just how safe America is for women fleeing FGM in their home countries.

What is a “culturally appropriate” manner?   You just tell anyone coming to America that there is no tolerance here for any abuse of women and children.  You tell them they must leave their brutal practices behind.   You tell them they will go to jail for a very long time, or you tell them they will be deported.   How is that for “culturally appropriate?”   

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