Somalis taunt gay man: How would Obama’s Hate Crime law handle this one?

Yesterday, I told you that the dynamic duo, Obama and Holder, are pushing a federal Hate Crime bill, S. 909, that is working its way through Congress without groups that should be concerned fighting back.

So, when I saw this story at Jihad Watch from Friday, it brought up more questions for me.   The story is that a gang of Somali youths taunted a white gay man leaving a parade in Minneapolis recently.  Here is the gist of the story originally taken from a film posted on The Advocate.  Watch the tape, it’s pretty clear that the Black  Muslim Somali immigrant (former refugee) youths are harrassing this guy and reports are that the youths threw rocks at him as well.  The homosexual man is trying to stay cheerful and he says, I’m not scared.  I would have been, I thought it was pretty intimidating.

Approximately 15 youths physically and verbally taunted a gay man as he was leaving Twin Cities Pride in Minneapolis on Saturday, in an incident captured on video.

The Somali youths asked the man if he was gay, and when he responded yes, the young people yelled “I hate gay people” and reportedly threw rocks at the man, whose name is not known.

On the video various youths can be heard saying “I hate gay people” repeatedly, along with “Gay is not the way” and “F*** gay people. They can go f*** each other.”…

Be sure to go to the Jihad Watch post and read the interesting comments.

So here is my question.  We have in this case two protected classes.  On the one hand the gay white guy and on the other black Muslim immigrants.   The way I understand the Obama/Holder bill (and granted my understanding is sketchy), hate crimes can only be perpetrated against protected classes by people who leftists think are the majority (you know, like white Christians) and that everyone knows are filled with hate.  How about if one protected class is perpetrating a so-called hate crime against another protected class? You know Islam promotes hatred of gays.*   If these youths had done violence to this white gay guy, could they have been prosecuted on a federal hate crime charge?  

I can just see it now.  The Justice Department will have to have a ranking of sorts with one protected group being higher or lower than another to sort out crimes perpetrated by one member of one protected group against a differant protected group.   Let’s see does a white homosexual Christian male immigrant rank higher or lower on the scale then say a black Muslim American woman should one commit a crime against the other?  Say for instance, he beats her up.  If he ranks higher on the sympathy scale it wouldn’t be a hate crime.  Or, if she shoots him but ranks lower on the sympathy scale, she would be perpetrating a hate crime.   Do you see where I’m going with this?  Answers anyone?  (Note in my theoretical cases there are no white Christian American males anywhere in sight.)

So to recap, or to ask my question again, in our story from Jihad Watch, if the Somali Muslim youths beat up the gay guy, under Obama/Holder are they committing a hate crime?   Or, if in frustration to the taunting the homosexual guy turns around and beats up the Somali kids, is he committing a hate crime against black immigrants?

* We have written on several occasions about homosexuals being persecuted in Muslim countries.  In Iran gays are hung if discovered, and we told you about gay Iraqis suffering persecution and getting into the US as a result.  By not demanding Muslims discard some aspects of their religion and culture when they come to the US, are we asking for more problems like the one we see here with the homosexual man being harrassed by Somalis?

To new readers:    

The US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US in the last 25 years and then last year had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.


Update:  More information here thanks to Janet Levy who sent this article from World Net Daily.   I don’t know for sure, but reading this leads me to believe that homosexuals may be on the top of the sympathy scale and therefore the Muslim Somali youths could be in deep trouble.   Homosexuality seems to trump religion.   I wonder why CAIR is backing this bill?  They probably figure that further down the Justice Department’s sympathy scale Muslims will trump Christians any day of the week.