Hate Crimes bill is sending all chickens for cover

That is pretty much the gist of the excellent discussion going on at VDARE on S.909 the so-called Hate Crimes bill being pushed by the Obama Administration.  Frankly, I haven’t time to do the topic justice today, but I wanted to get the information out to you because it is moving very fast.

I was especially appalled to see that our MD Senator, Ben Cardin, is one of those helping Obama and Eric Holder shove this down our throats.  Cardin would like federal thought police to override the states’ law enforcement function.    Please read the coverage at VDARE  (lots of links to help you understand this free speech  issue) and contact your Washington representatives, that is, if you can find them.  Reports are that many are off on international junkets.

I have a question.  If this goes through and people with a white European heritage become a minority in a few decades as is predicted, will those folks then become the protected minority?   Actually, here is a better question, if a white Christian was attacked by someone professing to hate Christians (you know, say a Muslim) does the law also apply?   Just wondering.

Further thoughts July 5th:   Will Obama/Holder have a ‘hate scale’ to rank groups that hate, here?

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