Woody and Mia’s boy genius has some NGO noses out of joint

I don’t know what it is with celebrities and refugees, but here is another version of the ‘stars’ doing high profile humanitarian work.  Ronan Farrow, reportedly a genius who went to college at age 11 has been appointed a special liason between NGO’s working in Pakistan and the State Department.

Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, has appointed Woody Allenand Mia Farrow’s son Ronan Farrow as the liasion for nonon [non?]-governmental organizations working in Pakistan. Read more on Ronan Farrow below.

Representatives from several organizations including Save the Children, Church World Service, the International Rescue Committee, and Care met with Holbrooke recently to discuss what they are trying to do with humanitarian assistance in Pakistan.

A young man accompanied Holbrooke and was introduced as Ronan Farrow, who will be his special liaison to NGOs working in Pakistan.

This decision wasn’t taken well by some people who argue Ronan doesn’t have enough experience at the young age of 21.

“You have seasoned, experienced NGO officials dealing with some very sensitive foreign policy and humanitarian aid issues, whose main contact in Holbrooke’s office is a [21] year old whose experience has been traveling to southern Sudan with his mom,” the humanitarian official said.

Read on.  There is more at Stupid Celebrities Gossip.

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