Refugees International gets award from Arab pressure group

Now the picture begins to get clearer.  I just have not been able to wrap my brain around the fact that NGO’s who work in the field of refugee resettlement appear to be focusing on bringing Muslims into the U.S.   Can’t they see what is happening in Europe?  Why would they want to bring those problems here?

One such group leading that effort with on-going concern for Somali Muslims, Rohingya, and Iraqi Muslims is Refugees International. 

Then up pops a press release from them touting an award they received at the end of April from one of the leading pro-Arab groups in the United States—the Arab American Institute.   The picture comes into sharper focus.  Their press release begins:

On April 23rd, Refugees International was presented with the prestigious Award for International Commitment at the Arab American Institute’s Kahlil Gibran Spirit of Humanity Awards gala. RI was recognized for 29 years of confronting the world’s worst refugee crises through a unique combination of advocacy and action. As actor and RI board member Sam Waterston said to the 800-strong audience: “When people ask me about Refugees International, I say it is a gadfly, a pest, an irritant to governments and institutions that fail do enough to protect the world’s 50 million displaced and stateless people…and it has many times moved mountains.”

Here is what Discover the Networks says about the Arab American Institute. 

Then go over to the Arab American Institute site and  get a look at this event.  The keynote speaker was Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas no less!   By the way, Refugees International gave testimony to Congress in March about the dire circumstances of the persecuted Iraqi refugees.  They say they have the most concern for Iraqis who have worked for us and for the Iraqi Palestinians.   What no concern for the truly persecuted Christians?     I’m getting yet a more focused picture.

 RI found two particularly vulnerable groups—people who have worked for U.S. or Western employers and Palestinians.

The prestigious Kahlil Gibran “Spirit of Humanity” Award was given at the April 23rd dinner to Refugees International Chairman of the Board,  Farooq Kathwari.   Need I say more.  Mr. Kathwari is the mega-wealthy owner of Ethan Allen Furniture and a supporter of the pro-Muslim Kashmiri seperatist movement.   You can read about him here, and here.

The above links also discuss Kathwari’s American born son who reportedly dropped out of medical school to become a fighter in the Jihad and died in Afghanistan.

Secretary of State Condolezza Rice also gave Kathwari an award–the Outstanding American by Choice–on the same day as the Arab American Institute dinner.  Busy guy!  Read about it here.   

What a tangled web.  So, Muslim immigration will increase in America because groups like Refugees International are run by Islamists.  It’s too bad the general public doesn’t have all the facts about who is running our government.  I used to like Secretary Rice.  I even thought at one point she might make a good President, but what a dhimmi she has become.  I wonder if Mr. Kathwari had a role in convincing her to drop the word “Jihad” from the government’s lexicon.

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