The end of Malta? Somali illegal aliens overruning tiny Malta

We have been writing about Malta since the very first month, July 2007, that we began writing this blog.    Malta is a tiny island nation in the Mediterranean Sea that is being overrun by African illegal aliens. 

I wouldn’t have found this article at all except that a commenter, George Xuereb, has linked to us and concludes his comment by saying:


From the Times of Malta (the story is short but the comments are lengthy and angry):

A group of 227 immigrants have arrived in Birzebbugia on a large boat packed to the brim.


It was noted that the illegal immigrants lacked life-jackets whilst their overall state of health was generally good.

It is the second big group to arrive in Malta this month, after 262 arrived on Feb 1.

Two groups of some 150 arrived in December and January.

I have maintained that the US exacerbates the problem in Malta because surely word has reached deep into Africa that the US is taking some of these illegal aliens as refugees to America, thanks to former Ambassador ‘tea party Molly.’

Oh, and be sure and watch the film clip with yesterdays story in the Times of Malta .   Camp of Saints anyone?

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