Police called in to keep order as refugees line up for jobs at Tyson’s Food

Here we go.  News just in that police had to be called into the Jobs Center in Shelbyville, TN as a group of 150 refugees jostled in line desperate for jobs with the meatpacker.    The refugees were being brought in from Nashville by volags such as World Relief.

Police were called to Shelbyville’s job center Monday to control a crowd of 150 refugees from Nashville who had been brought to town by various charitable organizations to apply for jobs at Tyson Foods.

Sheriff Randall Boyce said they were called to stop the refugees from cutting line and pushing and shoving. According to Hom Soukaseme, Employment Manager of World Relief, which she described as a Christian non-profit that contracts with the government, she brought them to Shelbyville on Sunday afternoon to wait for the office to open on Monday.

A large number appear to be Iraqis.    So the volags are bringing doctors and engineers to cut meat?

The refugees they serve are from different countries such as Burma, Iraq, Sudan, Thailand and other countries, although the people in line Monday appeared to be Iraqis, Soukaseme said.

So now I’m wondering what happened to the Somali workers that had dominated this plant and town last year?   And, then the even larger question, are there any Americans looking for work in Shelbyville?

Uigher squabble continues, China says, hand them over!

The controversy continues over what to do with 17 Uigher (Uyghur) Chinese Muslim detainees being held at Gitmo.   Now a German city says it will give them asylum, although the German government is so far noncommittal.  From Canwest News Service:

NEW YORK — The German city of Munich added its name Friday to communities offering to welcome members of the Chinese minority Uyghur group detained at Guantanamo Bay — presenting possible alternatives to Canada as activists press Ottawa to accept at least three.

The US says the Uighers caught on battlefields in Afghanistan are not a terrorism threat to the West, but to the Chinese they are terrorists.

The Uyghurs are somewhat of an exceptional case in that the 17 are the only remaining Guantanamo detainees who have been totally cleared by the U.S. authorities of having terrorist links.

But the United States fears they may face torture or other abuse if returned to China, which does consider them terrorists who seek an independent Muslim homeland in the northwestern part of the country.

China wants them back.  Could we have an uptick in international tension over what to do with the prisoners from the soon-to-be-closed military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and whether they will be given asylum in the West?

Beyond any security concerns, there remains the possibility that settling Guantanamo Uyghurs will lead to friction with China, whose embassy in Ottawa Friday issued a statement calling on governments to reject the “Chinese terrorist suspects.”

Ho hum, another hot potato for the Obama Administration which will ultimately make the decision.

Jihad Watch posts informative film on UNRWA

Check out the short film on the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) at Jihad Watch here.    UNRWA is the special (highly controversial!)agency set up to specifically take care of the Palestinian multi-generation so-called ‘refugees.’

For more information, go back to Judy’s post here and follow links back to our extensive coverage.

By the way, UNRWA is heavily funded by you, the US taxpayer.

Another ‘recruited for jihad’ story from Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has another article this past Saturday highlighting the life and the disappearance of a Somali Muslim (former refugee) youth believed to have joined the Jihad in Somalia.    It begins:

Six months have passed since Mustafa Ali vanished from St. Paul. His family is left to wonder how he got to Somalia and why.

The article goes on to lay out the theory that Mustafa (who had been in the US since he was a baby!) was lured back to Somalia because of indoctrination he received at his neighborhood mosque.   Although there isn’t much new, please read the whole story here. 

And, then check out the much more interesting comments (there are 92 at the time of this writing).    Commenter ‘Momsbasement’ tells you why you should hurry on over to read the comments.


Usually these comments are censored to the point where only comments that favor the diversity side of the issue are allowed to post. Don’t be surprised to see all these comments deleted real soon and a disclaimer posted by Star Tribune “due to the sensitive nature of this article all post will be review before they are posted”. That’s what they did last time.

Note to new readers:   To catch up on this story we have been following for months, start here.