Update on armed security at Tysons Shelbyville, TN plant

This is an update on the report we had a few days before Christmas about a possible terror threat at the Tysons chicken plant in Shelbyville, TN.  Tysons officials are pretty tight-lipped about what’s going on, so there isn’t much new here, but there are a few more details about the scare.

From the Times-Gazette:

Shelbyville police are providing an armed off-duty officer for the Tyson Foods facility after alleged threatening messages reportedly were made last week.

Last Thursday, Nashville television station WSMV reported claims made by an unidentified woman that someone wrote “all Americans must die” on a bathroom wall — an act that was reportedly preceded by a fire in a woman’s rest room inside the plant a week before.

However, Shelbyville police chief Austin Swing told the T-G this morning that all was peaceful inside the plant, according to the plainclothes officers patrolling inside the facility.

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Somali women demonstrate against discrimination in Muslim Turkey

They say that they cannot get housing because they are Somalis.

From WidhWidh OnLine:

Somali women living in the Mediterranean province of Isparta protested in front of the governor’s office Wednesday, claiming they have been discriminated against by landlords and cannot find houses to rent.

“They do not rent to us because we are black and have many children,” the women said in their statement, which was reported by news agencies Thursday. “We do not behave [toward foreigners] like that in Somalia,” they added.

Somalis living in boarding houses said their rental contracts expire Dec. 31 and none of the landlords in the city would agree to rent to them. Twenty people appealed to the state for help with the situation, speaking on behalf of 400 women and children from Somalia who came to Turkey to escape their country’s ongoing civil war.

Members of the protesting group held banners that read, “Our hotel is forcing us to leave,” “Protect us!” or “Everyone sends their greetings to the governor,” saying they wanted the provincial governor to hear their voices. The demonstrators continued shouting despite police efforts to calm the group down, reports said.


“There are some advertisements saying people have houses to rent, but whenever they realize we are from Somalia, they refuse us,” said one of the protesters, who said she has seven children and will be homeless soon due to having to leave the boarding house. “Are you Muslims or not?” she asked.

We learned from the UN last year that charity toward refugees originated with Islam and not with Christianity,  so what’s up with this treatment of poor Somalis by Muslim Turks?

Meanwhile Muslim Syria is accused of detaining and torturing Somalis (including women) as they tried to cross into Turkey.   From the SunaTimes (by the way, this header photo on this website is from that Newsweek puff-piece story on Lewiston, ME):

DAMASCUS- Syrian security forces on the border with Turkey arrested, tortured and threatened deportation to at least 11 Somali immigrants who escaped from the violence in their country, police sources said.

The war weary fleeing Somalis have considered Syria as safe sanctuary and human rights’ minder, but instead they are jailed, beaten and deported back to the ‘hell’ in Somalia.

Four of the immigrants who are women have escaped from Somalia after Somalia’s extremist group of Alshabaab have tried to get them forcibly married to foreign terrorists in their ranks.

” The 11 Somalis are in our jails and they were arrested on their to Turkey from Syria two weeks ago” A Syrian police official who asked not to be named says.

” Our commanders have ordered to punish them for the reason of entering Syria and deport them after a week” he added.

According to the police, the immigrants will be deported back to the world’s most dangerous country, Somalia where they have left for security reasons and poverty.

Where is the UN when you need them—when yet another Muslim country doesn’t welcome the (Muslim) stranger!

Oh nevermind, everyone knows that Muslims don’t discriminate based on skin color, just like South African blacks don’t discriminate against whites.   I’m laughing imagining how the one-worlders in the US government and their puppetmasters like George Soros are going to get past the tribalism of Islamic countries as they try to eliminate borders everywhere.


Canada: Huntley to fight deportation to South Africa

Brandon Huntley is a white man from South Africa who was granted asylum in Canada and then the decision was overturned recently by a Judge, here.

He is apparently appealing the case, here.

South African refugee seeker Brandon Huntley will appeal a decision by the Canadian Government to withdraw his right to remain in that country.

Earlier this year, a Canadian court granted the Cape Town man refugee status but later revoked its decision. His lawyer said Canadian immigration authorities were pressured by the South African government to reverse its decision.

But his lawyer on Monday said Huntley was not backing down after an appeal was lodged last week. His legal team will argue that the South African government made Canada look racist after it granted him asylum.

He was granted asylum on the basis that he was being persecuted by black people because of the high crime rate.

As I said previously, here, I think he has adequate evidence to re-open his case based on statements by a South African, rainbow nation, official who said that when returned to South Africa he will suffer the indignity of his false claims.  There was no follow-up comment from the official that assured Huntley that he will be protected by the government.  Sounded to me like an open invitation for open-season on Huntley.

In my opinion, Huntley committed the ultimate sin when he claimed racist persecution can be directed at whites too.  I imagine the UNHCR having fits over this case.

Increasing number of Haitians coming across US southern border…

…..and arriving in San Diego.   Gee, why San Diego?

From SignOn San Diego:

A record number of Haitians have arrived on America’s southern doorstep, asking for asylum or temporary parole just as the United States is set to resume deportations to Haiti next month — one year after the catastrophic earthquake in the island country.

About 150 Haitian families are accounted for via local charities or border enforcement. While the number is not huge, the growth compared to previous years is astonishing to immigration experts and local advocates and could signify an oncoming wave.

“Historically we have never seen that many,” said Michael McKay, director of refugee services for Catholic Charities, which is assisting 30 families who have applied for asylum or temporary parole. “My suspicion is the door is closing in other places and the word is out that they may be able to get help through the border here.”

Previously, the organization saw one or two Haitians a year, he said. Christ Methodist Church in San Diego is also sponsoring families awaiting immigration proceedings, McKay added.

Currently, 108 Haitians are being detained in San Diego. The majority of those individuals had presented themselves to port of entry officers, said Barbara Gonzales, southern regional spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In January, there were only four Haitians in custody.


Haiti has been in turmoil since a devastating earthquake Jan. 12 killed more than 230,000 people. Almost immediately, the Obama administration halted deportations and offered a temporary-stay program to those already in the U.S. when the temblor occurred. So far, 61,000 applications for temporary stay have been processed, according to U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services.

61,000 Haitians have applied for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) so far!  Whew!  TPS was granted by the Obama Administration after the Earthquake in Haiti and allowed anyone already (at that time) illegally in the US from Haiti to stay until some date in the future when the TPS would be lifted.   But, guess what, TPS is usually just extended over and over, so they never go home, they become part of the amnesty lobby.

I don’t see how this new wave can get TPS.  It seems to me they would have to apply for asylum and prove some sort of persecution.

Why San Diego?  I think the word is out. Open borders activists are encouraging Haitians to come to San Diego and they probably have lawyers waiting to help them get into the US.

Also, Catholic Charities and not the City, County or State of California is running the refugee/asylee program in San Diego County.  See the Office of Refugee Resettlement list of states and the one county whose refugee programs are now being run by a “church” group federal contractor and the US State Department (we learned about it here just two days ago).  I still don’t get it—why doesn’t the ACLU see a separation of church and state issue with the refugee program.   And, I continue to be amazed that CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) doesn’t squawk about all the Christian and one Jewish federal refugee contractors.  Shush! I bet the State Department is hoping and praying CAIR doesn’t figure it out!

Endnote: Just a reminder that San Diego is also the city with the recent Somali terror probe.  Here we have a whole bunch of stories archived on San Diego Somalis and terror investigations and arrests.  It appears also that San Diego was a point of departure for some of the Somali missing youths who left Minnesota beginning in 2008 (maybe earlier) to return to Africa for jihad training with Al-Shabaab.