Update on armed security at Tysons Shelbyville, TN plant

This is an update on the report we had a few days before Christmas about a possible terror threat at the Tysons chicken plant in Shelbyville, TN.  Tysons officials are pretty tight-lipped about what’s going on, so there isn’t much new here, but there are a few more details about the scare.

From the Times-Gazette:

Shelbyville police are providing an armed off-duty officer for the Tyson Foods facility after alleged threatening messages reportedly were made last week.

Last Thursday, Nashville television station WSMV reported claims made by an unidentified woman that someone wrote “all Americans must die” on a bathroom wall — an act that was reportedly preceded by a fire in a woman’s rest room inside the plant a week before.

However, Shelbyville police chief Austin Swing told the T-G this morning that all was peaceful inside the plant, according to the plainclothes officers patrolling inside the facility.

Read it all.

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