Are Somalis racist?

Before all of my fans (like Allahsoldier) pounce on me, that is not me asking the question.  It is a Somali woman asking it on a comment thread I just happened to come across. 

The thread (here) begins:

Hey guys, I enjoyed talking to your guys the last week or so, but I have noticed many things that are unsettling. I have noticed how racist we somalis are. I must have been blind my whole life but when i took a step back I’ve notice we are a VERY racist people.

For example the below words are what we use to describe other people:

Blacks/other africans: meadow, jareer, adoon, gorilla, monkey, apes, animals, former slave, Abeed.


Thats all i got, but why are we soo racist? As muslim aren’t we suppose to be not racist.

No comment!  The discussion continues and was an interesting read.

New York Times story on illegal immigrants and driver’s licenses

Check it out here.  Hat tip:  Cecil Calvert

I don’t really feel like analyzing it, but urge you to read it.  One little thing that struck me in the requisite sob story about Ms. Valencia, the illegal alien who faces deportation over a fender-bender, is that although she had been in the US for 17 years she spoke only Spanish in court—17 years and she didn’t learn to speak English while she was raising her anchor baby, now 16 years old!