Somali women demonstrate against discrimination in Muslim Turkey

They say that they cannot get housing because they are Somalis.

From WidhWidh OnLine:

Somali women living in the Mediterranean province of Isparta protested in front of the governor’s office Wednesday, claiming they have been discriminated against by landlords and cannot find houses to rent.

“They do not rent to us because we are black and have many children,” the women said in their statement, which was reported by news agencies Thursday. “We do not behave [toward foreigners] like that in Somalia,” they added.

Somalis living in boarding houses said their rental contracts expire Dec. 31 and none of the landlords in the city would agree to rent to them. Twenty people appealed to the state for help with the situation, speaking on behalf of 400 women and children from Somalia who came to Turkey to escape their country’s ongoing civil war.

Members of the protesting group held banners that read, “Our hotel is forcing us to leave,” “Protect us!” or “Everyone sends their greetings to the governor,” saying they wanted the provincial governor to hear their voices. The demonstrators continued shouting despite police efforts to calm the group down, reports said.


“There are some advertisements saying people have houses to rent, but whenever they realize we are from Somalia, they refuse us,” said one of the protesters, who said she has seven children and will be homeless soon due to having to leave the boarding house. “Are you Muslims or not?” she asked.

We learned from the UN last year that charity toward refugees originated with Islam and not with Christianity,  so what’s up with this treatment of poor Somalis by Muslim Turks?

Meanwhile Muslim Syria is accused of detaining and torturing Somalis (including women) as they tried to cross into Turkey.   From the SunaTimes (by the way, this header photo on this website is from that Newsweek puff-piece story on Lewiston, ME):

DAMASCUS- Syrian security forces on the border with Turkey arrested, tortured and threatened deportation to at least 11 Somali immigrants who escaped from the violence in their country, police sources said.

The war weary fleeing Somalis have considered Syria as safe sanctuary and human rights’ minder, but instead they are jailed, beaten and deported back to the ‘hell’ in Somalia.

Four of the immigrants who are women have escaped from Somalia after Somalia’s extremist group of Alshabaab have tried to get them forcibly married to foreign terrorists in their ranks.

” The 11 Somalis are in our jails and they were arrested on their to Turkey from Syria two weeks ago” A Syrian police official who asked not to be named says.

” Our commanders have ordered to punish them for the reason of entering Syria and deport them after a week” he added.

According to the police, the immigrants will be deported back to the world’s most dangerous country, Somalia where they have left for security reasons and poverty.

Where is the UN when you need them—when yet another Muslim country doesn’t welcome the (Muslim) stranger!

Oh nevermind, everyone knows that Muslims don’t discriminate based on skin color, just like South African blacks don’t discriminate against whites.   I’m laughing imagining how the one-worlders in the US government and their puppetmasters like George Soros are going to get past the tribalism of Islamic countries as they try to eliminate borders everywhere.


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