Alleged Al Shabaab recruiter may soon be extradicted to the US

This is an update of the story we first reported in November 2009.   Mohamud Said Omar, who US authorities believe is the financier of the Somali American (former refugee) youths who left their good lives in Minneapolis to return to Africa for jihad training, now faces extradition to the US from the Netherlands.  Lawyers say he will fight the order in the High Court.

From Dutch News (Hat tip:  Baron at Gates of Vienna):

Judges in Rotterdam have given the green light to the extradition of a 44-year-old Somali man to the US to face terrorism charges, the Telegraaf reports on Monday.

Mohamud Said Omar, 44, is alleged to have helped extremists travel to Somalia to train with the radical Islamic movement Al Shabaab.

He was arrested at a refugee centre in Dronten, Flevoland in November 2009.

The man has also lived in Minneapolis where he is said to have recruited college students – up to 20 according to some reports.

Here is one of our posts last November where Omar is identified as a former resident of Rochester, MN.   All of our reporting on Omar may be found by searching ‘Somali recruiter Netherlands.’

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