Immigrant polygamy in France called “breeding for cash”

I don’t know what is happening to AP but they seem to be getting a bit more conservative lately.  I had been meaning to tell you about the burqa ban in Belgium and France, but hadn’t gotten around to it.  This AP story gives you some information on that and something a lot more important and destructive regarding Muslim immigration.  Polygamy!

It’s been sometime since we’ve mentioned it at RRW, but polygamists are coming into the US through the refugee program.  No one will say it officially but we hear rumblings.  The second or third wife will be a “sister” or some other close relative and be resettled in the same community as the polygamist and wife #1.  One tip-off I’m told—Shariah-following Muslim women are not promiscuous so if one is ‘pregnant out of wedlock’ look around for a ‘husband.’

This AP story tells us how the welfare system is gamed in Europe with Muslim men actually making money while breeding.

PARIS — The burqa, or face-covering veil, is getting all the attention in the debate over Muslim immigrants in France. But another controversial tradition among some immigrants is less noticed and far more widespread: Polygamy.

The issue resurfaced last week after a woman received a traffic citation in the western city of Nantes for driving with a veil over her face. Officials then accused her husband of having at least three other wives, and said he may be profiting from them financially while the state pays the bill.

Polygamy is one of several issues, like forced marriage or genital mutilation, that France and other European nations face, as immigrants arrive with customs that conflict with the law of the land. But experts say polygamy in France can also be linked to fraud, where husbands hijack a generous social welfare system to line their pockets with state funds from each of their wives.

“They practice polygamy just for that,” said Jean-Marie Ballo, founder of an association that helps women escape from polygamous situations, Nouveaux Pas, or New Steps. “I’d go so far as to say that polygamists here (in France) are breeding for cash.”

Read on, there is much more.

It’s pretty easy to see how the French (and other Europeans) are being outnumbered by immigrant population growth when the immigrants have this racket going.

Why are Justice Department facilitators needed in Ft. Morgan, CO?

Off and on for almost two years I’ve been reporting on Ft. Morgan, CO, another of those meatpacking towns flooded with Somali workers.  This town, or at least its newspaper, has been working really hard to show how welcoming Ft. Morgan is to the African influx.  As a matter of fact, I noted this editorial in September of 2008 in which the editor of the Ft. Morgan Times seems to be pointing a finger of criticism at us—RRW—while professing that everything was just great in Ft. Morgan! 

Now I see that although the entire article published on Friday about a touchy-feely meeting in Ft. Morgan makes it all sound so congenial, there must be more to the story or why were Justice Department mediators called in?

Members of the Morgan Area Ministerial Alliance and their congregations sat down with some local Somali refugees, as well as some Somali representatives from around the state, on Monday to try to bridge the communication gap. [What gap?  I thought everything was peachy in Ft. Morgan?–ed]

It was an effort to help immigrants and the community to come together, to understand each other and to work on issues that may bother either side, said Brenda Zion, executive director of OneMorgan County, a group which works to help immigrants adapt to their new land and helps the welcoming community to understand the newcomers.  [Who is not understanding the newcomers?-ed]

“Facilitators” from the US Justice Department—trying to keep a lid on something?

On hand were representatives of the Community Relations Servcie, a division of the U.S. Department of Justice.

CRS is not a law enforcement agency but a “peacemaker” organization that helps communities deal with conflicts and tensions arising from differences of race, color and national origin. It was created by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, said Philip Arreola, regional director of CRS for the Rocky Mountain Region.

CRS helps communities develop mutual understandings and agreements as alternatives to coercion,violence or litigation, and to take proactive measures to prevent ethnic or racial tension, he said.

Essentially, it is a mediation agency which helps deal with cases involving changing community demographics, hate crimes, demonstrations and emotionally charged issues, Arreola said.

“We are mediators,” said Christopher “Kit” Chalberg, a conciliation specialist for CRS. “We are facilitators.”

We got that, you are mediators (facilitators, peacemakers), but why are you there if Ft. Morgan has been so welcoming?

For all of our posts on Ft. Morgan, and there are  more than I thought, go to the Ft. Morgan archive, here.

HONOR KILLING?   I hadn’t checked on the status of the Ft. Morgan Abdi murder from last fall in some time, so while visiting the Ft. Morgan Times I learned that not much has happened.  The trial is scheduled for June.  However, I did learn one important fact that may confirm my suspicions—the victim was the step sister of the murderer.  Sure sounds like an honor killing to me!  (see post coming next).  By the way, not a peep about the murder in the peacemaker meeting I see.

Refugee School Impact Grant Project

Just yesterday I told you that immigrants account for virtually all of the increased need for school funds and school construction in the US.   Here is one way that your federal tax dollars are being sent back to states to cope with large refugee influxes to certain states.  This link is for Washington State but it sends readers to lots of information on yet another federal grant program for refugees.

By the way, this is filed in our ‘where to find information’ category where you will find other articles and links to important information about refugees.

Bishops busy funding illegal alien activists while legal refugees suffer

Here is the latest from Accuracy in Media on the role of the Catholic Church and specifially the US Conference of Catholic Bishops in promoting activist open borders groups.

A group organizing a May 1 “May Day” rally in favor of “immigrant rights” in Lafayette Park in front of the White House is financially supported by the Catholic Church, Big Business, the federal government, and various Maryland governmental entities.

It is anticipated that the demonstration will take the form of opposition to Arizona’s new law that is designed to discourage illegal immigration.

The buses will leave for Lafayette Park from CASA de Maryland centers starting at 12:30, with the rally scheduled to begin at 2 p.m.

So-called “May Day actions” are being planned in dozens of cities around the U.S.

CASA de Maryland, an illegal alien support group, is sponsoring the buses that will take hundreds of protesters to the event in the nation’s capital. CASA is considered the biggest promoter and facilitator of illegal aliens in Maryland.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and its Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), which got caught funding the radical group ACORN, are listed on the CASA website as being among its many financial donors and supporters.

Read on.  There is lots more information on CASA and its shocking list of funders.  If you spot a business there that you know, you should contact them and ask them why they support CASA.

So, as the Bishops agitate for illegal aliens to be legalized, refugees in their care in cities like Fredericksburg, VA and Albuquerque, NM (where we learned yesterday that an African woman is on a hunger strike because Catholic Charities isn’t doing enough for the refugees in that city) are suffering.

Here is the contact information for the USCCB’s main (lobbying!) office in Washington, DC.  All good Catholics should tell the Bishops to get their own house in order and spend some of their millions of dollars on refugees before they invite millions more immigrants to America!