Comments worth noting: “what stays between Somalis, stays between Somalis”

Update: Please click on comments below and see ‘Somali woman’s’ response to this post.

I was away yesterday, but when I came home I found lots of comments that needed posting—two in particular were intriguing.  They are in response to my post on the trial opening for the Virginia man accused of smuggling Somalis into the US and they both came in near each other timewise.

The commenters Abdi and ‘Somali woman’ claim to be Somalis and she says “what stays between Somalis, stays between Somalis.”   So, if they are really Somalis, why then did they say so much to RRW.

Here is Abdi:

Oh yeah you are very right actually thats not it only Hispanics are also more friendly to Somalis or Ethiopians than they are to white Americans. Somalis also speak a variety of languages that can help them like: Somali, Arabic, English, Spanish, Italian makes them able to communicate with the outside world and they actually handle it very well. For ecxample the Refugee Settlement Program fraud that they discovered recently has been existing among Somalis ever since for the past 20 yrs not only that but also in other countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Yemen. For example the femenist atheist Somali activist Ayan Hersi Ali has been in the Netherlands illegaly with a fake identity, passport and false story for the past 20-25 yrs and has reached the hieght of a parliment member in the Dutch government with this false identity. She actually handeled it very profressionally till discovered in 2007. So don’t be surprised if Somalis live here with false identities and passports I mean they can really trick the F.B.I for God sakes and the F.B.I are very slow since they were alerted very soon. I know many Somalis who live here with false identities. So if they lie to the Refugee Settlement Program (because they bring more Somalis who are their friends or from the same tribe) and come through the border to the U.S and Canada and other stuff is not something new it is something very old but hidden till those sell outs blurted and babbled to the feds. We are taking over America and since you have a Black president who doesn’t seem to care its a piece of cake for us.

Abdi is not the first to tell us they are taking over America, here another Abdi (a common Somali name) says the same thing.

This is ‘Somali woman/’ yesterday:

Its ok we have known this for years you guys have just discovered illegal Somalis entering the U.S from the south they’ve been entering the U.S and Canada ever since I can remember. This isn’t something new at all it was known but kept secret there are many secerts held in Somali communities all around North America just not told to the world. Like the young Somali boys who left America for Jihad in Somalia it was known but some Somalis who were very worried about their sons blurted to the F.B.I but many other Somalis knew about this before even before it was said Somalis began leaving the country for Jihad in Somalia. They began leaving in many numbers around the world starting from 2006 you guys are very late in your discovery Somalis hold many dangerous secerts and if the governments of the Western world found out there would be trouble for them. Its the saying “what stays between Somalis, stays between Somalis” and that is why Omar Jamal * of the Advocacy Somali Center is considered a sell-out by many Somalis in Minneapolis except for a very few, most Somalis don’t trust him either. Just a little update on this border thing Somalis began entering from the Mexican border to Arizona, Texas, and California starting from 2004 not now its not something new at all it is just a discovery from the feds thats it, and they are very late.

So to recap:

* ‘Somali woman’ says Somalis have been coming across the southern border since 2004.  The information only seems new because our incompetent law enforcement has just figured it out.

* ‘Somali woman’ says Somali youths have been leaving the US for Jihad training since 2006.   She/he says we only figured that out recently because of blabbing parents in the Somali ‘community.’

* ‘Somali woman’ basically says Omar Jamal is a traitor to Somalis.

* Abdi says the fraud in the refugee resettlement program has gone on for 20 years.

* Abdi says the FBI is very slow to act on this because they have known about it for a long time.

* Abdi says they are taking over America and that is now a piece of cake since Obama is President.

All of this rings true, but I’m not sure the authors of these comments are really Somalis or simply people who have read up on the issues.  Readers, what do you think?

For new readers, more Somalis are already on the way (in addition to the illegal ones cited above):

The US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US (this linked post continues to be one of the most widely read posts we have ever written) in the last 25 years and then in 2008 had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.  That specific program has not yet been reopened (that we know of), but will be soon.

Nevertheless, thousands of Somali Muslims continue to be resettled by the State Department as I write this. We recently learned that we will be taking 6000 Somalis this year from one camp in Uganda and as many as 11,000-13,000 total from around the world.

Through the Refugee Resettlement program alone 2141 legal Somalis have already arrived in this fiscal year (2010) as of April 30th with an unknown number arriving through other legal programs and  illegally across both our borders.

* Learn more than you want to know about Omar Jamal by searching for his name here at RRW.  We have written dozens of posts on his comings and goings.  At one point he was convicted of immigration fraud and should have been deported—-kind of like the Aunt Zeituni case.