Australian blogger questions media policy to suppress reports of ethnic violence

A blogger writing at Afbluemountains from Perth, tells us more about violence between newly arrived ethnic groups in Australia and questions whether the policy of media silence on the immigrant angle actually causes the problem to fester.  He begins:

When violence is reported in the Australian mainstream media, rarely is ethnicity mentioned, due to a self-policing media code of conduct that is premised on claims the reporting of ethnicity risks inciting racism. The Australian Journalists Association code of conduct on this reads:

“2. Do not place unnecessary emphasis on personal characteristics, including race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, family relationships, religious belief, or physical or intellectual disability.”

This seems sensible in order to prevent prejudiced reporting and inciting racism. However, this code has been recently abandoned by the mainstream media in the cases of recent violence against Indian students, probably in an attempt to highlight the particular racial problem. [We have reported on the Muslim immigrant vs. Indian immigrant crime here—ed]  But indeed, the media highlighting of this problem has snowballed into an international political hot potato, resulting in Australia’s Prime Minister flying to India and consequential increased policing in Melbourne and funding to deal with the problem. As a result, there has been a notable reduction in reported violence against Indian students in Melbourne. Politicians were embarrased into dealing with the problem, that the Department of Immigration had left to fester.

But otherwise reporting of ethnicity and race is suppressed. Read any report in an Australian newspaper about a violent incident and find mention of ethnicity or race obvious by omission. This is not to say that most violence in Australia has ethnic causes, but there is a lot that is yet remains suppressed from the mainstream public. the frequency of the problem is of course known to police and to the locals that live in what have become ‘psuedo’ ethnic ghettos.

And so Australia’s problem of ethnic tension is suppressed and allowed to fester until someone dies. The death last night of a man at Mirrabooka in Perth’s inner north is a case in point.

Read on about the murder and other cases of violence between groups of immigrants.  Blogger, John Marlowe, wraps up with this question:

Why suppress ethnic tension and violence when to do so does nothing but allow it to fester into murder and social division?

I think I know what he is saying, everyone gets angrier and tensions build when the truth is not reported.  Also, it’s ludicrous to think one could find solutions if the problem is not identified.

I don’t think we have it quite as bad here although to be sure, political correctness does keep the media quiet on the ethnic angle of a crime.  If a murder is involved we usually learn something about who the suspects are and where they came from, but I have laughed on many occasions when I read fraud stories (food stamp, medicaid, other welfare fraud) that the perps are not identified (sometimes even their names are not mentioned) as immigrants.

To the now spluttering critics who are fuming and wanting to throw things at me and saying ‘white people commit crimes too.’  Of course they do, but that is not the subject of this blog.  I recommend you start your own blog and call it something like—white people are bad.  I’m fine with that.  Ha! Ha!  But, how many readers would the blogger have, because we hear everyday from the media about how bad, exploitive and racist white people are?  It is everywhere in the news, one doesn’t need a specialized blog.

New readers may not know that one of the reasons that I write this blog is to balance the mainstream media and its gushy one-sided reporting on the joys of multiculturalism, and the insistence of most reporters (not all!) to report the ‘diversity is strength’ myth.  Indeed, if the mainstream media started to write and report  fairly about the good, the bad, and the ugly on immigration and refugee issues, I could retire.  But, they won’t anytime soon because in order to write fairly about immigration they would have to question their own deeply held (Leftist!) world view.

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The Mexican border and the OTMs

OTMs are Other Than Mexicans coming across our southern border.  Most of the media is trying to spin the border issue as simply a case of economic migrants wanting jobs and a better life, however thousands of Other Than Mexicans from Muslim countries are also coming across the border each year—some are caught and some aren’t.  Some may just want jobs, but some may have intentions to do us harm. We have told you on several previous occasions (including here and here) about Somalis who are believed to have entered the US and likely have blended into Somali refugee communities.

Yesterday a reader sent me these Atlanta WSBTV Channel 2 investigations (here and here) into the issue of OTMs.  Watch them!