Immigrant polygamy in France called “breeding for cash”

I don’t know what is happening to AP but they seem to be getting a bit more conservative lately.  I had been meaning to tell you about the burqa ban in Belgium and France, but hadn’t gotten around to it.  This AP story gives you some information on that and something a lot more important and destructive regarding Muslim immigration.  Polygamy!

It’s been sometime since we’ve mentioned it at RRW, but polygamists are coming into the US through the refugee program.  No one will say it officially but we hear rumblings.  The second or third wife will be a “sister” or some other close relative and be resettled in the same community as the polygamist and wife #1.  One tip-off I’m told—Shariah-following Muslim women are not promiscuous so if one is ‘pregnant out of wedlock’ look around for a ‘husband.’

This AP story tells us how the welfare system is gamed in Europe with Muslim men actually making money while breeding.

PARIS — The burqa, or face-covering veil, is getting all the attention in the debate over Muslim immigrants in France. But another controversial tradition among some immigrants is less noticed and far more widespread: Polygamy.

The issue resurfaced last week after a woman received a traffic citation in the western city of Nantes for driving with a veil over her face. Officials then accused her husband of having at least three other wives, and said he may be profiting from them financially while the state pays the bill.

Polygamy is one of several issues, like forced marriage or genital mutilation, that France and other European nations face, as immigrants arrive with customs that conflict with the law of the land. But experts say polygamy in France can also be linked to fraud, where husbands hijack a generous social welfare system to line their pockets with state funds from each of their wives.

“They practice polygamy just for that,” said Jean-Marie Ballo, founder of an association that helps women escape from polygamous situations, Nouveaux Pas, or New Steps. “I’d go so far as to say that polygamists here (in France) are breeding for cash.”

Read on, there is much more.

It’s pretty easy to see how the French (and other Europeans) are being outnumbered by immigrant population growth when the immigrants have this racket going.

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