A tangled web leads back to the Tides Foundation

I should have written about this earlier today because I am losing steam and it’s pretty convoluted.  Remember I mentioned I did research last evening till my eyes were falling out of my head.    I was trying to unravel the Tides Foundation, SEIU, ACORN, George Soros, Wade Rathke, and how all these players are involved in the latest push for Amnesty for illegal aliens and generally want to swamp America with immigrants and refugees.   Afterall, people like Soros and Rathke (SDS and Bill Ayers) hate America so why are they so interested in bringing the less-fortunate to a “downright mean country?”

Also, I’ve been completely puzzled for two years why the volags aren’t taking very good care of the refugees they resettle in our towns and cities.  Now, I am NOT talking about the hardworking and sincere people who run the local affiliates nor am I talking about volunteers who want to feel good by helping the downtrodden.  But, it’s the corporate officers of the volags that seem so uncaring, almost hostile if a refugee should complain (see our extensive file on Iraqi refugees to see what I mean). Do they even like the people they help bring into the country?

There seems to be no logic involved, or is there?

I don’t believe pushing amnesty or opening the country to a flood of immigrants when we don’t have jobs or resources to give them good lives is a very caring thing to do.  I also don’t believe yanking people out of their cultures and plopping them down in US slums is a very humanitarian thing either, unless of course your goal is a political one and to hell with the individual immigrants.

So, the only conclusion I can draw is:  1) refugee resettlement is just an industry to supply cheap labor for big business (we have lots of evidence for this), and/or 2)  refugees and immigrants are needed as the pawns for the war of the “have nots” against the “haves”—-the Obama/Alinsky strategy to swamp the welfare system, produce  chaos and ultimately bring change (see our community destabilization category, here)—and these agency CEO’s don’t really care about the human beings involved.

I’m drifting away from what I wanted to say.    When I noticed that the new “Reform Immigration for America” umbrella group was funded through the Tides Foundation (Tides Advocacy Fund), I realized that is the same outfit that is entangled with ACORN (that Glenn Beck has been investigating).  Turns out that ACORN’s founder, Wade Rathke, is also on the board of Tides, and now heads the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) that is busy signing up dues-paying immigrants and organizing them—for work in such fields as home health care and meatpacking (should sound familiar to regular readers!).

The Tides Foundation is kind of like a laundramat.  It washes money.  Corporations and other foundations pass money through it to all sorts of progressive causes.   For example a big corporation might like to give to the Amnesty battle for its own selfish wish to have loads of cheap immigrant labor but doesn’t dare donate outright.  That might not sit too well with the public.  Instead they donate to the Tides Foundation (a charitable organization itself) which merrily passes it through to Leftwing causes the corporation wishes to fund.   To add insult to injury, federal government agencies also add taxpayer money to this giant money washing machine.

Tides Foundation Form 990

Now this is as far as I’ve gotten with my research, but check out this 2007 Tides Foundation Form 990.    So far I know that one of the top ten volag government contractors, The International Rescue Committee, received one of the largest gifts that year, $3.5 million.

While the IRC is closing its doors in Boston for instance because of a shortage of funds and the high cost of living in that city, it’s busy telling its supporters to lobby Obama to bring more refugees.   Such illogical action can mean only one thing—–the refugees are not the first priority for the agency, a larger agenda is at work and somehow the Tides Foundation and George Soros play a very large role.

More to come!

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