Lewiston folks, take note of Nashville Somali fraud allegations

The story is from 2007, but I mentioned it here in February.   The federal government is funding a Somali Center in Nashville that should have been thoroughly investigated by the Inspector General’s office in the Department of Health and Human Services two years ago but apparently never was.   Just now I received these news clips of an I-Team investigation by Channel 4 when the allegations of fraud were first made—amazing this has gone nowhere!

Three-part series by the I-Team of Channel 4 — May 2007:

Video Link 1:Local Director Receives Grants Despite Charges


Video Link 2:Somali Center Director Claims No Wrongdoing


Video Link 3:Sudanese Community Says Tax Dollars Misused


I’ve titled this post as I did because we are getting lots of visitors today obviously interested in the latest fraud allegations in Lewiston, ME, here.   Different type of fraud, but fraud nonetheless.   I wonder does Nashville have home health care?  Does Lewiston have a Somali Community Center?

Here is the most recent Form990 for the Somali Center of Nashville.  Hassan is still there (as of May 2008 when this tax form was filed) and they got $458,224 from the federal taxpayer in 2007.

Geert Wilders’s party makes gains in European elections

Of course, the EU Observer headlines this great news Netherlands embraces far right in EU elections.

The Dutch far-right Freedom Party (PVV) of Geert Wilders made the greatest leap forward in the country’s EU elections on Thursday (4 June), with 16.9 percent in exit polls. But the ruling conservatives came top overall.

The result is a major victory for the openly anti-Islamic party, giving it four seats in the European legislature and a possibility that this could rise to five once the final count is completed.

The “ruling conservatives” are projected to win about 20 percent, or five seats. So there’s not a big gap between the two parties. This gives right-thinking Europeans the vapors.

As the xenophobic party’s celebrations got under way, Mr Wilders said his success was a vote against the current administration and an overly costly EU.

“People have had enough of Europe as it is now – a big Europe with Turkey possibly joining – that we spend billions on each year,” he said according to newswires.

It’s extremist and far-right and xenophobic to object to your country being transformed into something unrecognizable and unlivable because of immigrants who are hostile to the culture that is hosting them. God help them, and preserve America from falling this far. 

The rise of Mr Wilders – who has described the Koran as fascist and who currently receives 24-hour protection following death threats – clearly came at the expense of governing coalition partners.

Fears amongst Protestant and Catholic voters over the country’s roughly 800,000 Muslim inhabitants helped drive the strong support for the Freedom Party, which was contesting its first European elections.

Mr Wilders, who directed a short film that criticizes the Koran as a “fascist book”, urged voters to reject EU involvement in immigration policy and said Turkey should not join the 27-nation union.

“Turkey as [an] Islamic country should never be in the EU, not in 10 years, not in a million years,” Wilders said after voting.

I don’t know what difference this will make in the EU parliament. The EU government is not responsive to its constituents; it seems that bureaucrats rather than the elected officials run it and make the decisions. But I’m no expert. Maybe having some representative from Wilders’s party will at least give his point of view a hearing.

Volag pushes Amnesty for illegals

Update June 6th:  A more detailed discussion of USCRI in response to a readers comment, here.

I received an action alert this week from one of the Top Ten (volag) government contractors paid to resettle refugees in American towns and cities.   For the life of me I cannot figure out how it benefits LEGAL refugees if we give amnesty to an estimated 12 million ILLEGAL aliens.  Would someone in the refugee community please tell me how so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform helps refugees!

This is from an action alert sent out by USCRI (US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants) head honcho Lavinia Limon*.  (Sorry I couldn’t find a link for the action alert on their website here).    I also wonder how groups like this, whose mission is a non-profit one to resettle refugees, can justify lobbying Congress.  I thought 501(c)3s were barred from lobbying.

This week, hundreds of allied organizations launched the campaign to Reform Immigration FOR America in cities all across the country — from Los Angeles to Maine, Miami to Seattle Yesterday, a broad coalition of allies from labor, business, and community groups officially kicked off the national campaign in Washington, DC. USCRI is a part of this exciting grassroots movement to reform immigration and I invite you to join us.

Tomorrow June 4, over 700 advocates are descending on Capitol Hill to tell Congress: “We cannot wait any longer. America needs to reform immigration now.”

Here’s our thinking: President Obama has said reforming the immigration system is a priority for him. But it’s going to take more than just having the President on our side to win. We need 279 votes to pass comprehensive immigration reform: 218 US Representatives + 60 Senators + the President’s signature. So over the coming months, we’re going to be asking you to help us flood Congress and the White House with faxes, calls, emails, and visits to say (each in our own way):

Our economy and thousands of families are suffering under the burden of a broken system. The time has come for just and humane immigration reform. We cannot wait any longer.

Go here and check out Reform Immigration for America.  I still don’t see how this SOROS-setup umbrella organization will help refugees except as cheap labor and a voter pool for their exploiters.

As for the so-called local grassroots organizations (“allied organizations”) we are learning in places like Tennessee that they are comprised of a handful of community organizers (ala Obama/Alinsky) who set up myriad faux grassroots groups to make the general public think there is a groundswell of support for their liberal-fascist-corporatist agenda as Judy described here a couple of days ago.

Ms. Limon even admits above that they are working hand in glove with big business and big labor, making my point again that this is all about supplying dues-paying members for the unions and cheap labor for big business.   Meanwhile they rope in all the humanitarian-minded do-gooders as their foils (fools?).

…..a broad coalition of allies from labor, business, and community groups

* We have written on many occasions about Ms. Limon who headed up the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement during the Clinton Administration.   Several of USCRI’s subcontractors have been either closed (see Waterbury, CT here) or reprimanded in recent years by the US State Department for not taking good care of the refugees in their charge.   Learn more about USCRI here and note they have changed their name a couple of times.   I wonder why.