Everett, WA: More disillusioned Iraqi refugees, let Soros help them!

You could take a story like this one and just change the location and names and place it in at least 20 newspapers in America.  Once again, the same tired old story.   Iraqis who had helped our military come to the US with high expectations (someone is lying to them somewhere along the way), they can’t find work and then the refugee resettlement industry folks say ‘too bad’ our hands are tied. 

The story begins with the terrible circumstances that brought the adult Hassan family to America (the reporters always start out with the tragedy).   Then we hear how they have arrived in America only to find they have no work and the government and  their resettlement agency will be soon cutting them off, implying they could be set out on the street in just a few months.

They moved.  [to America]

Now the family is desperate, said Ali Hasan, 30, one of five adult children who arrived in Everett with their mother this year.

“We can’t find jobs,” he said. “We’ve looked everywhere.”

Hasan was an English teacher in Baghdad. His brother and sisters also speak English. They thought they’d have an easier time than most who come to the U.S., but the global economic crisis has pushed them out of the hiring pool at places that once hired refugees.

Jobs cleaning buildings, stocking grocery store shelves and working in factory lines have either disappeared or been snatched up by local people who have been laid off.

The Hasan family must find work by October. That’s when their refugee cash assistance, just $359 per month per single adult, runs out. Families with children can apply for help through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, but single adults don’t have any other options.

“My heart goes out to them, but we’re tied by federal laws,” said Tom Medina, director of Washington state’s refugee resettlement program. “This economy is so tight that they’re competing with mainstream Americans for jobs.”

The economy has been tight for some time now, yet the US State Department and the volags (government contractors) are making no move to turn the spigot off or warn the refugees.  Curious isn’t it.  And, by the way, there is no law that says these agencies can’t find PRIVATE money to help the refugees beyond that magic date when they tell refugees they will be on the street.

Refugees are flooding into Washington State from everywhere.

The Hasans came to the U.S. as part of a federal program to resettle 12,000 Iraqis whose lives are at risk as long as they stay in the Middle East. It’s not clear how many Iraqi refugees will be resettled in Washington, but the state may be a prime destination because a large Iraqi community already exists here. Hundreds of Iraqis live in northeast Everett, many of whom came to the U.S. about 15 years ago after they protested against Saddam Hussein following Operation Desert Storm.

Nearly 100 Iraqis have arrived in Washington since the 2009 fiscal year began in October, Medina said. The state is likely to receive about 100 more before the end of the year. About 220 Iraqis arrived in 2008, he said.

The state is also receiving refugees from Bhutan, Burma, Ukraine, east Africa and other regions.

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) says, it’s not our fault that the refugees expectations are too high.

“Some have expectations that are pretty high,” said Bob Johnson, director of the International Rescue Committee’s Seattle office.

And, it’s not our fault, those pesky people who volunteer their time to help refugees are discouraging them from taking jobs like cleaning pet cages:

Local churches and other groups often volunteer to help “sponsor” refugees, offering furniture and other supplies and help getting accustomed to everyday life. Sponsors can complicate a job search if they think a refugee is entitled to a better job than is available.

The well-intentioned volunteer doesn’t know the agency doesn’t get paid, or doesn’t get a good rating, if they don’t get that refugee employed at something—-anything!—-as fast as possible.

I have an idea!   Since we just learned that the Leftwing big moneybags at the Tides Foundation (George Soros et al) gave the IRC $3.5 million a year ago, why not go to them again and ask for more money FOR REFUGEES, not for staff or offices or lobbying for Amnesty.    I know for a fact that Soros was pushing for the Iraqis to come here because, among other projects, he sits on the ‘International Crisis Group’ board that advocated for Iraqi resettlement.   Also, another Soros pet project, the Center for American Progress says they want to airlift 100,000 Iraqis here this year.    Well how about you rich hypocrits pay for them!  You have more money then the US government has at this point.

Endnote:  I wrote about potential problems with Iraqi refugees in Everett back in 2007, here.   At that time, Washington State was the 4th largest refugee-receiving state in the nation, I didn’t check if that is still the case.

A tangled web leads back to the Tides Foundation

I should have written about this earlier today because I am losing steam and it’s pretty convoluted.  Remember I mentioned I did research last evening till my eyes were falling out of my head.    I was trying to unravel the Tides Foundation, SEIU, ACORN, George Soros, Wade Rathke, and how all these players are involved in the latest push for Amnesty for illegal aliens and generally want to swamp America with immigrants and refugees.   Afterall, people like Soros and Rathke (SDS and Bill Ayers) hate America so why are they so interested in bringing the less-fortunate to a “downright mean country?”

Also, I’ve been completely puzzled for two years why the volags aren’t taking very good care of the refugees they resettle in our towns and cities.  Now, I am NOT talking about the hardworking and sincere people who run the local affiliates nor am I talking about volunteers who want to feel good by helping the downtrodden.  But, it’s the corporate officers of the volags that seem so uncaring, almost hostile if a refugee should complain (see our extensive file on Iraqi refugees to see what I mean). Do they even like the people they help bring into the country?

There seems to be no logic involved, or is there?

I don’t believe pushing amnesty or opening the country to a flood of immigrants when we don’t have jobs or resources to give them good lives is a very caring thing to do.  I also don’t believe yanking people out of their cultures and plopping them down in US slums is a very humanitarian thing either, unless of course your goal is a political one and to hell with the individual immigrants.

So, the only conclusion I can draw is:  1) refugee resettlement is just an industry to supply cheap labor for big business (we have lots of evidence for this), and/or 2)  refugees and immigrants are needed as the pawns for the war of the “have nots” against the “haves”—-the Obama/Alinsky strategy to swamp the welfare system, produce  chaos and ultimately bring change (see our community destabilization category, here)—and these agency CEO’s don’t really care about the human beings involved.

I’m drifting away from what I wanted to say.    When I noticed that the new “Reform Immigration for America” umbrella group was funded through the Tides Foundation (Tides Advocacy Fund), I realized that is the same outfit that is entangled with ACORN (that Glenn Beck has been investigating).  Turns out that ACORN’s founder, Wade Rathke, is also on the board of Tides, and now heads the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) that is busy signing up dues-paying immigrants and organizing them—for work in such fields as home health care and meatpacking (should sound familiar to regular readers!).

The Tides Foundation is kind of like a laundramat.  It washes money.  Corporations and other foundations pass money through it to all sorts of progressive causes.   For example a big corporation might like to give to the Amnesty battle for its own selfish wish to have loads of cheap immigrant labor but doesn’t dare donate outright.  That might not sit too well with the public.  Instead they donate to the Tides Foundation (a charitable organization itself) which merrily passes it through to Leftwing causes the corporation wishes to fund.   To add insult to injury, federal government agencies also add taxpayer money to this giant money washing machine.

Tides Foundation Form 990

Now this is as far as I’ve gotten with my research, but check out this 2007 Tides Foundation Form 990.    So far I know that one of the top ten volag government contractors, The International Rescue Committee, received one of the largest gifts that year, $3.5 million.

While the IRC is closing its doors in Boston for instance because of a shortage of funds and the high cost of living in that city, it’s busy telling its supporters to lobby Obama to bring more refugees.   Such illogical action can mean only one thing—–the refugees are not the first priority for the agency, a larger agenda is at work and somehow the Tides Foundation and George Soros play a very large role.

More to come!

Charges dropped against Somali murder suspect, Somalis complain, huh?

This is a weird little story from Minneapolis.  Apparently police have dropped charges against a Somali man believed to have murdered another Somali in Minneapolis last fall, but the police are being charged with  racism?    This is the whole story!

Local leaders of the Somali community are planning to file a complaint against the Minneapolis Police Department for what it calls a racist statement.

Murder charges were dropped Tuesday against Ramadan Abdi Sheck Osman when witnesses refused to testify against him.

Police believe he shot and killed Augsburg College student Ahmed-Nur Ali outside the Brian Cole Community Center last September.

Minneapolis Police spokesman Sgt. Jesse Garcia told the Star Tribune “this is their community. It’s up to them to help bring the killer to justice.”

The Somali Justice Advocacy Center says it’s deeply troubled by the statement.

That statement is racist?  Go figure!   But, we shouldn’t be surprised the Somali Justice Advocacy Center is comprised of one Somali at a Minneapolis address (no 501(c)3 on file and no Form 990 filed so who knows who pays him) who has been found guilty of immigration fraud and runs around the US acting like a Somali Jesse Jackson.  Just use our search function for Omar Jamal and you will see what I mean.  His latest escapade took him to NYC to help assure the Somali pirate gets justice.

Who is training refugees to stir up racial divisions?   Wouldn’t you like to know!

Hey, I just remembered something.  Omar Jamal began his American odyssey in TENNESSEE which is also where he was convicted of immigration fraud.  Now isn’t that interesting—Tennessee again!

Be sure to watch Glenn Beck tonight

Fox News channel at 9 p.m. ET will re-run a Glenn Beck show from earlier in the week.  It’s a full hour investigation into ACORN, SEIU, Tides Foundation, George Soros groups, Wade Rathke, the Cloward-Piven strategy and it all ties into what we have been saying here about overloading our welfare system with impoverished people—immigrants.

Hopefully I will have a post later today on how the pawns—immigrants and refugees —–fit into all this.   Farm work beckons.

Comment worth noting: maybe agencies have different pots of money

This is a comment from ‘Iamevolved’ to the post I did yesterday about the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI)* lobbying on the Amnesty issue.  I really wanted to know how giving 12 million illegal aliens amnesty would help refugees.  Needless to say, no one answered that and I won’t hold my breath.    But, ‘Iamevolved’ said this (below) which sent me off to do research (till my eyes were falling out of my head, but more on what I learned in upcoming posts.)

It is possible that volags have different pots of money they use to fund positions so that employees are able to conduct different forms of advocacy for the people who they serve. I fail to see how it takes away jobs from refugees. Help me understand how you see that.

I went to the most recent Form 990 that USCRI filed with the IRS.  It covers the tax year Oct. 1, 2007 to Sept. 30th 2008.   Total income for the year was $23,138,072.  Of that amount $22,136,680 comes from you, the taxpayer.   96% of their entire income is from the government yet as a non-profit group they are unaccountable to you who pay for this.

So our commenter must be on to something, different pots of money?  Only $1,001,392 comes from “direct public support” and they spent $1,000,000 lobbying.  Humm!  Now the question is, who funded the lobbying?  Is it Soros money too? Certainly not the taxpayer, I think that is illegal.    I don’t know who gave that $1 million to USCRI.  Later I will tell you who did give a cool $3.5 million to the International Rescue Committee.

CEO Lavinia Limon had a salary and benefits package worth $198,466 in the tax year I looked at.  And, then, keeping it in the family?  Peter Limon, Director of Field Operations, took in $105,026 from you the taxpayer.  What is that expression, doing well by doing good?

In the meantime, USCRI came under scrutiny in several of its affiliate offices.  I’ve told you about this before here, but it bears repeating.

We have reported problems USCRI has had with other subcontractors in Albany, NY, Erie, PA, Waterbury, CT, Manchester, NH and Akron, OH.    These were problems related to those subcontractors either having too many refugees and some not adequately caring for them, or in the case of Erie there was some funny-money business going on.

So here is what I was thinking:  How about if USCRI uses its $1 million lobbying pot of money each year to help refugees it resettles—to keep them in better housing, feed them, clothe them, help them find jobs, and help the struggling affiliate staffs who are overloaded.

As for the jobs portion of ‘Iamevolved’s’ comment, I answered that at the post.

* USCRI is one of the top ten federal contractors resettling refugees but is by no means the largest.