Thorough analysis of Obama’s Cairo speech at VDARE

I couldn’t bring myself to watch President Obama’s speech to the “Muslim World” last week, but it was interesting to read Brenda Walker’s analysis of it here at VDARE yesterday.    Entitled, “Obama In Egypt: Multiculturalist Meets Muslims. Muslims Win,”  here is a brief segment:

Obama apparently doesn’t realize that there is a strain of Muslim supremacism that believes everything of value springs from Islam.


Under this loopy view, we infidels are lost little sheep who don’t understand we are already Allah’s property and just need to be re-educated. Loose talk by the American President to aggrandize himself in this manner has potentially very dangerous consequences, because it adds fuel to the fable that America is Islamic territory to be reclaimed.

Read it all.  The concept Walker raises here is central to understanding the fact that certain groups of Muslim immigrants have no intention of assimilating and respecting American culture and values.

Jamal and Somalis in Minnesota complain that investigation into missing men is not going fast enough

Update June 12th:  Unbelievable!  Somalis protest CAIR, tell them to butt out of federal investigation!

Ask CAIR what the hold-up is!

This is an update on the story we have been following this week that one of the missing Somali youths (former refugees) has been murdered in Somalia—possibly by his Muslim friends at the Islamic terror group al-Shabaab.

Meanwhile back in Minnesota, Somali mouthpiece Omar Jamal and relatives of the dead youth say the FBI isn’t moving fast enough to investigate how Burhan Hassan and maybe 20-40 other Somalis have left the US for terrorist training.

Family members and others in the community Monday expressed frustration with the slow pace of the FBI’s investigation into the missing men and vowed to continue pressing for answers.

“Our cause is not ended,” said Bihi. “Burhan is dead. We are going to continue. The death will energize us.”

Jamal added: “I hope the death of Burhan Hassan would lend a sense of urgency to the investigation.”

E.K. Wilson, a special agent with the Minneapolis FBI office, said he could not confirm Hassan’s death.

Maybe they could investigate if  the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) would get out of the way! I have written several times about how CAIR is blocking access to Somali students  and keeping them from speaking to FBI investigators.   Here is only the most recent post I wrote on the subject back in April, it’s entitled:  CAIR wants legal protection for students questioned by FBI!

This is the M.O. of grievance group, CAIR:  complain about how bad America is and how law enforcement is doing a lousy and discriminatory job while at the same time doing everything in its power (using our laws!) to slow down any attempt to get to the bottom of an investigation.  And, unfortunately, all too often we fall for it!

Comment worth noting: he was a defector, we shouldn’t bring his body here

This is a comment from reader Joeyindc in response to my post in which Omar ‘Jesse Jackson’ Jamal was demanding the body of former Somali refugee Birhan Hassan be returned to the US.

Sounds to me like this terrorist is already home. He went to the place he was loyal to, died for his cause which was to fight for the land he considered home. He should be given a hero’s funeral in Somolia by the people who encouraged him to go. We shouldn’t be worrying about finding a way to bring him here. This wasn’t his home. He didn’t consider it to be otherwise he wouldn’t be trying to undermine the U.S.

His family and associates should be investigated to see what is going on over here and weed out the bad apples and send them back home so that we don’t have to worry about this kind of crap all of the time. It isn’t always our duty to do for people just because some special interest group wants us to. If he was fighting for our country, then of course he would be brought home. This isn’t the case. He was a defector of the U.S. When he went to fight for another country like that, he made his choice. His family and community should be more understanding of our nation’s feelings about those who are given a chance at a better life on our dime, then throws it in our faces. We don’t want him back.

Good point.  I only wish our CIA could dig up his body and do a positive ID.  This could all be a staged event for some twisted reason.

AP gets more details on Somali-American killed in Somalia

This is an AP story from yesterday which I should have posted then but had no time.  So who knows, as fast as this story is going, it may be outdated already.  I notice that Somali mouthpiece, Omar Jamal, is now on the same page as the family in saying that Burhan Hassan was shot in the head by his “friends” in al Shabaab and didn’t die in artillery fire.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Burhan Hassan was an infant when he left his homeland of Somalia. He grew up American, a bright student with dreams of becoming a doctor or lawyer. But now his family is trying to find out why the 18-year-old was killed under mysterious circumstances in Somalia.

Hassan was one of about a dozen young Somali men who have gone missing from the Minneapolis area over the last couple years – recruited, their families say, by radical elements in Somalia. Relatives said they learned Friday that he had been killed and buried in Mogadishu, the Somali capital, but they had few details.


“We believe he was killed because he would have been a key person in the investigation into the recruitment (of young Somali men) here in Minneapolis,” said Hassan’s uncle, Abdirizak Bihi. Bihi said his nephew was found shot in the head in an open area of the city.

Digressing a bit for new readers who might be just today coming to Refugee Resettlement Watch for the first time.  This boy came to America with his family as a refugee.*  The American taxpayer has been taking care of his needs.  He came here as a tiny child and doesn’t even speak the Somali language. He was raised in America—wore baggy jeans and wanted to go to Harvard so we are told.  However, he did not assimilate.  It is worthwhile noting that the pull of the Islamic supremacism ideology is greater than the rewards of  living a free and good life in America and having stuff!

Ironically he might have died as a toddler in Somalia had we not plucked him from a camp in Kenya, fed and clothed him so he could go back and kill people for Allah.

Back to the AP story:

Bihi, Hassan’s uncle, has said that Hassan called home from time to time but the calls were short and cryptic. When family members asked Hassan what he was doing, the teen quickly ended the phone conversation.

Bihi said the teenager, who was in poor physical shape, had been sick – possibly with malaria – and that his family had been working to try to bring Hassan to the U.S. Embassy in Kenya. Bihi said the family suspected that Hassan was killed by members of al-Shabab.

CAIR wants answers!  What a joke, CAIR knows exactly what is going on.  How dare they make demands.   The implication here by Ms. Islam is that somehow our big bad FBI is being mean to the grieving Somali “community.”

“The community really wants answers, and it seems it’s taking longer and longer,” said Taneeza Islam, civil rights director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations of Minnesota.

Omar ‘Jesse Jackson’ Jamal:

I see that Omar Jamal is quoted again.  Will you ‘state run media’  types quit asking him for comment.   He should have been deported years ago.  Instead he sets up a one man operation called the Somali Justice Advocacy Center and reporters flock to him.  How about if you reporters start investigating his “Advocacy Center.”   He says it’s a non-profit group but there is no record of that.  Who is funding him?

Jamal said there is a concern Hassan was killed because of plans to return to the U.S., and he noted others are still unaccounted for. “Someone ought to be held accountable for this,” he said.

Previous posts on the death of Burhan Hassan are here and here.

To new readers:  To follow the whole saga of the missing former Somali refugees go here.   Also:

* The US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US in the last 25 years and then last year had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.