More fluff and puff from the Tennessean…

….and from openly pro-Open Borders reporter Janell Ross.   I can’t stand it.  I read so much biased reporting it makes me sick and the Tennessean is one of the most biased of the biased papers in the nation on immigration.   Here is the title for this blatantly promotional piece for the Tennessee Immigration and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC):

Tennessee group seeks straight talk on immigrants

‘Welcoming’ effort addresses residents’ fears and perceptions

This deceptive article may as well have had the word “advertisement” across the top!  Makes you wonder if the community organizers even bring in their own reporters.

Ms. Ross sets the stage by suggesting that regular Tennessee folks standing around coffee shops are a bunch of redneck boobs filled with irrational fear for the unknown and the outsider.

Then she goes on to say:

The people inside those coffee shops are the kind Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition workers want to reach. The group recently received a $50,000 grant to expand its Welcoming Tennessee program, money to fund thought-provoking billboards or gather people to air fears and complaints.

Other groups are joining in — starting conversations about the estimated 4 percent of Tennessee’s population born in other countries. The topics are as simple as why various groups settled here and as complex as immigration and tax laws.

“We’re not so much trying to change the public’s concept of who is American … but to get people to think, to use reason instead of reacting to immigrants from a place of frustration and fear,” said Stephen Fotopulos, the coalition’s executive director.

I previously told you about the so-called $50,000 grant prize here.  Please go read it and then come back. 

Ms. Ross then tells us about the “grassroots” campaign that made sure the English Only ballot initiative failed earlier this year.   She doesn’t tell you that the “grassroots” were major big Nashville players and huge companies funding the campaign to kill it!   The TIRRC was on the side of BIG BUSINESS against the average “coffee-shop” Nashville citizen.   Big funders against the little guy were Caterpillar, HRC (mega giant hospital company) and even Vanderbilt University.  All told the “Nashville for all of Us” coalition—the opposition to English Only— raked in a cool $286,000.   See Judy’s post entitled, “Communism, Socialism or Fascism and Corporatism here to understand why Leftwing groups are in bed with big business.

I don’t want to overwhelm readers but here in a nutshell is what is going on in Nashville.   Community organizers from Chicago arrived in Nashville a few years ago and proceeded to set up a whole host of phoney-baloney “grassroots” groups (Soros strategy) with a few people involved in most of them (interlocking boards etc.).   That gives the general public the impression that there is a groundswell of support for anything having to do with immigrants.  There is even one called Tennesseans against Genocide that did virtually nothing that I can tell except take in money.

We saw a demonstration of how the few key players gathered together their myriad faux groups to give the public the idea that they represented hoards  of people in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens at this recent press conference at Nashville’s Loew’s Vanderbilt hotel.  And, what do you know, this politically correct story was written by Janell Ross.

Human nature is such that people don’t want to be outside the group, outside of what they perceive most of their peers are thinking and doing.  Judy told me the other day that that is part of the strategy that Obama used to win election, but I can’t remember if Judy posted on it!   That is what today’s Tennessean article is about—it is meant to tell the “coffee-shop” people that they are out of the mainstream.

In addition to making people feel that the smart people are all for more immigration, the mission of the TIRRC and its elitist community organizers is to continue to keep the community of Nashville in turmoil —- angry poor immigrants are ideal for that.  If you are thinking that can’t make sense, I didn’t think so either when I first learned about Saul Alinsky’s method of destabilizing communities by creating chaos.  The “have-nots” have to be continually fighting the “haves” to bring “change.”    By the way, tonight Glenn Beck opened his show with a discussion of the method.

And, of course one of the most galling aspects of all this is that in addition to corporate funding of these groups, ethnic organizations such as the Somali Community Center of Nashville,* get federal and state grants and contracts.  Their mission to destabilize communities is funded by the taxpayer which surely gives the organizers hearty laughs about pulling the wool over the eyes of those redneck “coffee-shop” citizens.

The jig is up!

Ms. Ross, how about a little real reporting for a change.

* For new readers, the US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US in the last 25 years and then last year had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.

Somali Community Center opens in “welcoming” Ft. Morgan, CO

I am fascinated by the fact that Somalis, almost anywhere they go, magically get a Community Center just for them.   Yesterday, I told you what I think is going on, here.  Although ostensibly set up to help Somalis transition to American culture (what a laugh!), these are political agitation offices modeled after the Alinsky/Obama/ACORN/SEIU school of community organizing.* 

I also told you that coincidentally “Somali community organizers”  happened to show up in Greeley, CO and Grand Island, NE just before those meatpacking demands started flying late last summer.  We have a whole category on the controversy here.

For background, the Somalis flocked to Ft. Morgan to work at a nearby Cargill meatpacking plant after the demonstrations (religious accomodation demands) in Greeley, CO turned violent and many were fired at a Swift & Co. plant there. 

The Ft. Morgan Times welcomed the influx with open arms and glowing editorials, this is how I opened a post on an embarrasingly naive and politically correct editorial.

Today the Ft. Morgan Times has an editorial entitled, “Refugees taking root in Ft. Morgan.” I have read a lot of politically correct, diversity is beautiful, let’s all sing ‘kumbaya’ articles, but this one I’m going to print out and hang by my computer and wait for the day when something happens in Ft. Morgan, CO and I can refer to it again.

Read it all here.

Back to this week’s article in the Ft. Morgan Times.

A Somali Community Office has opened in Fort Morgan, and it will help deal with several issues affecting the refugees and the surrounding community.

Somali elders asked Khadar Ducaale to come help their Morgan County community with issues ranging from the driving skills of the newcomers to how to find housing, he said.

The office will be an additional base from which supporters can help Somalis and advocate [Edit: press their demands?] for them as they face learning how to live in a new country, Ducaale said.

Ducaale has been in the U.S. for about five years, coming here from India, where he had studied microbiology, he said. [Oh yeh, so if he was happily studying microbiology in India, what immigration program did he use to come here, clearly not refugee resettlement, we don’t take Indian refugees and refugees must ask for asylum in the first country they arrive in after supposedly escaping persecution in their homeland, did anyone ask?]

After moving to the U.S., he became involved in the issues facing his fellow refugees and went to college in Rochester, Minn., for a couple of years to study social work in order to have better skills to help them, Ducaale said. [In Rochester, MN he was in a hotbed of Muslim community agitation.]

Most recently, he was working in Nebraska before being called to Fort Morgan, he said. 

Working in Nebraska?  Called to Ft. Morgan?    Where was he working in Nebraska, did anyone ask—could it have been Grand Island?  Or, was he being trained by Mohamed Rage in Omaha?   So, the elders just picked up the phone and said we need someone here in Ft. Morgan to organize our community and got this guy from Nebraska?  Who is paying him?  Is this another federal grant?   Don’t you lazy “state run media” reporters ever ask any questions?

As for this issue of helping Somalis learn to live in America, one thing we have observed with these Somali Centers is that yes, they may “advocate” for such things as better housing etc., they also make sure that especially their women don’t assimilate. We saw in Nashville where a federal grant was supposed to help Somali women with such issues as female genital mutilation (common among Somalis in the US) but that in fact the money was used for other purposes.   And, sources tell us the Somali women in Nashville live in fear of their male “community organizers.”

Cargill, look out!

Ducaale also said he would like to work with Cargill Meat Solutions — which employs a number of Somalis — to find ways his people can advance.

Until now, even Somalis who have worked at Cargill for two or three years are still in the same positions as those coming to work now, which is frustrating and disappointing, he said.

It seems like there are only two levels of employees outside top management — supervisors and floor workers — and no Somalis have made it to supervisory positions, Ducaale said.

Somalis want to learn from managers and executives what type of education they need to be desirable enough to be promoted, he said.

“We want to work with them to solve these problems, but it’s very discouraging,” Ducaale said.

Cargill’s Fort Morgan General Manager Mike Chabot said everyone at Cargill has a chance for promotion and the company works hard to give advancement opportunities to all employees of any kind.

Somalis are paid as well as any employees and pay is negotiated with the Teamsters union, so Somalis are treated like any other employees, Chabot said, adding that ethnic background is not a factor in hiring or promotion.

Cargill also offers educational programs to its employees.

Ducaale said his Somali brothers and sisters are very thankful to be employed, but they want some chances to improve their lot in life.

I can’t wait to see what the next step is for Mr. Ducaale, sounds to me like the Somalis are getting ready to charge that Cargill is discriminating against Somali workers.  Also, Ramadan is just around the corner in August!   Swift & Co. expects a new round of demands from its Somali Muslim workers at that time.

* If you are a new reader and want to understand how political agitation works and how it brings about chaos and ultimately “change,” please go to our Community Destabilization category and read some of the posts on Alinsky and “Rules for Radicals” (the bible on Community Organizing).

Also, for new readers, the US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US in the last 25 years and then last year had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.