Somali Community Centers and the Stealth Jihad

I’ve had an opportunity lately to make presentations to several groups and tape a radio spot.    The main point I discuss is about the Stealth Jihad or Quiet Jihad as it is sometimes called.  This is the concept you can learn more about by going to our category on the subject, here.    Basically the idea is to build up the Muslim population of a country to the point where Islam plays a large role politically with the ultimate end—the imposition of Sharia Law.

I’ve been bringing to peoples’ attention the 2007 speech made by Imam Yahya Hendi to an audience in Saudi Arabia in which Hendi, the Muslim Chaplain at Georgetown University, said that he predicted there would be 30 Muslim mayors of American cities by the year 2015.  See my post on Hendi’s prediction here.   Overly ambitious yes, but the important point is that if Muslims are here to assimilate and accept our government and our values what difference would it make what the religion of our political leaders might be?

Somali Community Centers

So, what role do Somali Community Centers have in this political organization process?   A large one, I predict.  Who is paying for them, besides you—the taxpayer?  Who is teaching the Somalis about “community organizing”—the fine art of “community destabilization?”*    I’d like to know the answers.

We’ve told you about Nashville and last summer I noted that Somali Community Centers sprang up when meat packing plant demonstrations occurred in Greeley, CO and Grand Island, NE.  Later today I’ll tell you about a new one out West

Thanks to a concerned citizen in Lewiston, ME,  we know there is a Somali Community Center in Lewiston, ME.   And, in 2002, a Somali community organizer tells us just what Hendi did—the goal is to begin by capturing Mayors’ offices.

From an article posted at Episcopal Migration Ministries website, but apparently originally published by the Chicago Tribune.

“We need to stay in a peaceful place,” says Awil Bile, a former finance minister in Somalia and now leader of a council of seven elders who, in the traditions of the homeland, oversee and direct the activities of the Somali community in Lewiston.


Indeed, Bile says, as he sits in a sparsely furnished office in the Somali community center, down the street from the storefront mosque, “Some day, me or my kids may be elected mayor of Lewiston.”

Now, the question is, who is orchestrating the stealth jihad?

*Note to new readers:  please see our category on “community destabilization” and scroll back to earlier posts on the Alinsky strategy —-a strategy Obama understood so well.

Also, for new readers, the US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US in the last 25 years and then last year had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.

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