Canada to take Iraqi Palestinians no Muslim country will take

We have reported on several occasions that Iraqi Palestinians, not wanted in Iraq because they were originally there as guests of Saddam Hussein, were refused entry into Syria and have been living in camps at the Iraq-Syria border.  A few have gone to Iceland and Chile for resettlement.   Now comes word that several hundred are going to Canada.

Some of the 336 Palestinian refugees stranded in an isolated refugee camp on the Iraq-Syria border will soon have new homes in Canada.

Through its private sponsorship program the Canadian government is making it possible for churches and other private sponsors to sponsor some of the residents living in the Al Hol refugee camp, one of three make-shift refugee camps along the border between Syria and Iraq, said Gloria Nafziger of Amnesty International-Canada.

Nafziger represented the Canadian Council for Refugees on a visit to the three camps in November 2008 and highlighted the need for immediate action during a speaking tour hosted by Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) refugee programs in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Colombia.


About 3,000 Palestinian refugees are trapped in the border camps, said Nafziger during her Manitoba visit. They fled killings, kidnappings, torture and death threats in Iraq, but unlike other Iraqi refugees they do not have Iraqi citizenship and are not allowed to enter Syria to seek asylum.

These are the same Palestinian refugees I told you about here.  They called their Arab brothers hypocrites for not accepting them in Muslim countries.

Canada has private refugee resettlement—something I have been advocating in the US.  Presumably those sponsoring refugees are completely responsible for them until they are established in the country.

Canada is the only country in the world that has a private sponsorship program to assist the government in resettlement of refugees and displaced people, said Wiebe.

Each year, the Canadian government resettles approximately 7,500 refugees through government programs and an additional 3,500 through private sponsorships. Mennonite churches in Canada, through MCC, have helped more than 50,000 refugees resettle in Canada under this private sponsorship program.

Maine Somalis set to celebrate independence day—theirs not ours!

And, the city of Lewiston is helping to pay for it!   At an event tomorrow Somalis promote “diversity” and “intermingling” but they are not willing to give up their culture.  From the Sun Journal:

LEWISTON — The Multi-Purpose Center on Birch Street welcomes the sixth annual Somali Independence Day Festival to Lewiston at 7 p.m. this Saturday.

The annual celebration offers food, music and dance to commemorate July 1, 1960, the day the country became the Republic of Somalia and gained independence from Britain and Italy.  [LOL!  That independence worked out real well for Somalia wouldn’t you say!]

Said Mohamud, founder and president of the African Immigrants Association, said he hoped the event would bring together Somalis, Americans and their friends from different cultures to promote diversity. “It’s a better way for Somalis to intermingle with Americans; we hope to support Somali integration to the community without letting go of our language, identity and culture,” he said.

Muslims are becoming a significant portion of the population in Maine and so maybe that explains the state trying to stifle the free speech of a Christian group as we reported yesterday.

According to Mohamud, the festivities will promote and celebrate the Somali population in Lewiston and the 15,000 African immigrants residing in central and southern Maine.

The Somali community organizer says they don’t want to assimilate too much.

Although Mohamud hopes the event will promote community integration, he also hopes it will serve as a reminder to Somalis of the importance of balancing integration with the preservation of Somali culture.

Somali men don’t like their women out and about too much, but I guess for this one event they can come out and mingle.

He added that because many immigrants are single mothers with children, once a year this event allows them the opportunity to get together and be present in the community.

I’m told that Somalis are not promiscuous so when I see mention of a lot of “single” women with children, makes me think they also don’t want to get rid of this important part of Somali culture—polygamy!   Is that going on in Lewiston?

Lewiston tax dollars at work!   The African Immigrants Association is also most likely funded by taxpayers too!

The Somali Independence Day celebration is sponsored by the city of Lewiston and the African Immigrants Association.

Gotta run, traveling today.  Please use our search function for Lewiston to understand how controversial the Somalis are there.

Update June 28th:  I’m back!  Noting that lots of readers are coming to this post and I forgot to put this information I try to include to give new readers some background:

The US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US in the last 25 years and then last year had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.