State of Maine attempting to silence Christian group

Maine, the state with a rapidly expanding Muslim population, is threatening Christian Action Network with a fine over what the bureaucrats are calling an inflammatory anti-Muslim message.

Hat tip Jerry Gordon writing in the Iconoclast, here.   See the full article by Patrick Poole at Pajamas Media which begins:

An organization in the national spotlight recently for producing a documentary identifying several dozen potential terrorist training compounds in the U.S. has offended the sensibilities of Maine bureaucrats, who have fined the organization $4,000, alleging among other things that the group sent out mailings containing an “inflammatory anti-Muslim message.”

The group in question, the Christian Action Network (CAN), received notice of the fines and the fundraising ban in a May 6 letter from Elaine Thibodeau of the State of Maine’s Department of Professional and Financial Regulation. Enclosed in the letter was a prepared consent agreement for CAN to sign agreeing to all of the state’s allegations, waiving all rights to appeal, and agreeing to pay the $4,000 fine. As part of the consent agreement, CAN is required to agree to all of the state’s allegations, including their assertion that their mailing amounted to hate speech.

“These bogus charges and fines the State of Maine has imposed are nothing but an attempt to stifle our free speech and silence our organization from speaking out about the steady creep of radical Islam in America,” CAN president Martin Mawyer told Pajamas Media. “We fully intend to appeal the state’s penalties because if they successfully silence us here, we will quickly find that we won’t be able to speak out anywhere.”

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We told you about the Christian Action Network’s film here and here.  And use our search function and look for “Lewiston” or simply “Maine” to see how heated things have become in Maine as Muslim refugees flock to the state with its extensive welfare system.

This is how the stealth jihad progresses.  The Muslim population expands, and free speech is threatened.  We need only look to Europe to see the strategy.

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