Fjordman’s declaration: possible impact on recent EU elections?

I just happened to come across this 2007  “A European Declaration of Independence” from notorious European blogger Fjordman and couldn’t help wondering if, in light of the EU’s recent rightward shift, Europe isn’t coming closer to Fjordman’s view of things afterall.

We demand that all Muslim immigration in whatever form should be immediately and completely halted, and that our authorities take a long break from mass immigration in general until such a time when law and order has been reestablished in our major cities. We will not accept any accusations of “racism.” Many European nations have for decades accepted more immigration into our countries in a shorter period of time than any other people has done peacefully in human history. We are sick and tired of feeling like strangers in our own lands, of being mugged, raped, stabbed, harassed and even killed by violent gangs of Muslim thugs, yet being accused of “racism and xenophobia” by our media and intimidated by our own authorities to accept even more such immigration.

Europe is being targeted for deliberate colonization by Muslim states, and with coordinated efforts aimed at our Islamization and the elimination of our freedoms. We are being subject to a foreign invasion, and aiding and abetting a foreign invasion in any way constitutes treason. If non-Europeans have the right to resist colonization and desire self-determination then Europeans have that right, too. And we intend to exercise it.

If these demands are not fully implemented, if the European Union isn’t dismantled, Multiculturalism isn’t rejected and Muslim immigration isn’t stopped, we, the peoples of Europe, are left with no other choice than to conclude that our authorities have abandoned us, and that the taxes they collect are therefore are unjust and that the laws that are passed without our consent are illegitimate. We will stop paying taxes and take the appropriate measures to protect our own security and ensure our national survival.

Well said.

Bipartisan vote in House: no immigration benefits to Gitmo asylum seekers

Another nail in the coffin to halt the release of Guantanamo prisoners into the US was delivered by a House Committee vote yesterday to deny “immigration benefits” to Gitmo prisoners released in the US.  Interesting that AP calls this a Republican win when it obviously must have required a significant number of Democrats to pull off the 34-24 vote.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans on a key House panel won a vote Friday to make doubly sure that Guantanamo Bay detainees won’t be given immigration benefits that would allow them to stay in the United States if they’re released.


The House panel’s plan, by Rep. Harold Rogers, R-Ky., would block the government from providing “any immigration benefit” to Guantanamo detainees. It was amended to clarify that bringing detainees in for their trials is permitted.

Guess this means the Top Ten (Volag) Government Contractors won’t be fighting over who will get these high value “refugees” as clients.  They come with no money.

Gitmo detainees: Obama make up your mind already!

And, yet another update:  Firestorm erupting in Bermuda over government decision to take in Uighurs, here.

Update a few hours later:  House committee sends Obama a message:  no immigration benefits to Gitmo prisoners released in US, here.

Gheeesh!  Obama could you please tell a straight story!   Only a few days ago we heard that all 17 Uighurs (Chinese Muslims) held at Gitmo would go to Palau.  For its pains Palau would get a little US taxpayer compensation to sweeten the deal.   Now comes news that four have gone to Bermuda and some may still come to the US.   Has Palau gotten cold feet?

A little waffling going on?

WASHINGTON (AP) — A White House spokesman says the Obama administration hasn’t decided whether or not to release Guantanamo Bay detainees in the United States.


A tentative plan to release some Guantanamo detainees in the United States drew fierce opposition from Republicans and many Democrats in Congress, forcing the Obama administration to shelve the plan to bring some Chinese Muslims known as Uighurs to Virginia. The Uighur detainees at Guantanamo were found not to be enemy combatants by the Pentagon, but few nations have been willing to accept them, out of fear of angering China.

This past week, four of the 17 Uighurs being held at Guantanamo were sent to Bermuda, and the Pacific islands nation of Palau said it would accept others.

For new readers, use our search function for “Uighurs” to learn all about how this hot potato is being tossed around.  If the Uighurs come to the US they will be treated like asylees with all the privileges that refugees receive—-subsidized housing, food stamps, employment help, English lessons, and the list goes on.

Utah: old news about Iraqis leaving US, but worth repeating

I know we previously told you about Tarek Darwish a seventy year old Iraqi refugee resettled in Utah who returned to Iraq distraught over his miserable life here.  It’s not clear if the Salt Lake Tribune is running the exact story again or has added some new material, but it’s worth repeating for our new readers.

From the Salt Lake Tribune which has done excellent investigative work on the Refugee Resettlement Program of the US State Department and how it is impacting Utah:

As human rights organizations call for aid and resettlement for millions of Iraqi refugees, some who are exasperated by America’s refugee system are going home or attempting to return to other countries in the Middle East. They feel abandoned by federal policies that offer limited and brief financial support and leave many refugees living in poverty.

Refugees planning to leave acknowledge they may be less safe in Iraq, but believe they will be better able to afford food, pay rent and receive medical care.


An Iraqi family with seven children living in Utah returned to Iraq a few weeks ago. Another Iraqi single mother is planning to leave for Syria soon. “We feel like we’re human beings there,” said Mohammed Abd, an Iraqi refugee whose family briefly considered leaving Utah. “We feel like here we are mice.”

Here is a line worth mentioning also:

When Darwish’s 25-year-old daughter, Nada, arrived in Utah ahead of the family last August, she was shown to a bare room without a bed — a sign of the strain on agencies that contract to aid new arrivals with few federal dollars and a small staff. 

Just a reminder that back in January we posted on a presentation given by Barbara Day who heads up the Resettlement Program for the US State Department.  Beds are required for all refugees.  We suggested a complaint hotline be set up for refugees and volunteers to report resettlement agencies that were not fulfilling their contracts with the State Department.   Apparently no move has been made and instead the State Department is alerted to abuses in the program by random news accounts like this one.

Hoping for reform, the Refugee Council USA and other organizations are requesting a review of the system by President Barack Obama and the federal agencies that administer it.

Resettlement agencies want reform of the program?   This is a joke, they only want more taxpayer money, not real reform.    We have been asking readers for reform ideas and here is one we received that suggests penalizing agencies that don’t fullfill contracts.

Refugee resettlement agencies, if you need more money, go to the Tides Foundation not the US taxpayer.  Or, start running your agency more like Christian Freedom International with private charity!

And then here is a novel idea!  Consider the words of an Iraqi refugee boy who seems wiser by far than all the high paid refugee industry professionals inside and outside government.

It is better to have 10 Iraqi refugees who are satisfied with their lives than having 100 angry ones with no life at all.

Of course that makes sense if your goal is to have happy, assimilated refugees who have a bright future in America.   If your goal is to bring about “change” by creating chaos and flooding the country with poor and angry immigrants, then these agencies, all part of the Refugee Council USA, are right on target (following the George Soros/Cloward-Piven play book.)