The US must bring home the Somali terrorist’s body!

Update June 10th:  My comments on that AP story of yesterday, here.

Update June 9th:  AP has more information here.

So says Omar Jamal, the one and only member of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center*of Minneapolis.   Give me a break!  

This is a followup to my previous post, here, about the news that one of the Somali youths who left the US voluntarily to join al Shabaab, a radical Islamist terrorist group trying to overthrow the Somali government, has been found dead in Somalia.  There are conflicting stories.  Jamal says he died from artillery fire, others say he was shot in the head by his buddies, al Shabaab.  But, no matter, Somalis in Minnesota headed by Omar ‘Jesse Jackson’ Jamal are “frustrated” and insisting the US investigate and bring home the body for burial.

From the Star-Tribune:

Omar Jamal, executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center in Minneapolis, said his group is looking into the death of the 17-year-old and asking federal officials for help in getting his body returned for burial. He said the teen was killed in artillery fire.

Bihi said his sister received many visitors offering condolences on Saturday. He added that family members were planning to hold a strategy session Sunday because they’re frustrated by the lack of progress with the investigation.

“We don’t want to sit down and wait for answers. We want to take action.”

Think about the nerve of this—demanding action and wanting US taxpayers to pay for returning the body to the US.   Incidentally, this would be the second Somali terrorist we returned for burial in Minnesota.  Here is a post on the first, and note that Omar Jamal is involved there too!

And, check out this last line.  Guess the assimilation to America is working out real well—NOT!

Burhan Hassan, 17, was an infant when his family fled Somalia.

* Jamal’s one man advocacy group was in the news just yesterday, here, calling police in Minneapolis racist.  I wonder who taught Jamal his grievance politics?

Missing Somali youth found—dead

Update June 10th:  Post today on that AP story of yesterday.

Update June 9th:  More from AP here.

Update Moments Later:   Omar Jamal:  the US must investigate and bring the terrorist’s body home to Minnesota.  The nerve!

It’s been awhile since we had any news about the missing Somali Americans, former refugees, believed to have joined al Shabaab for terrorist training in Somalia.  Hat tip: Whuptdue and Blulitespecial.

The boy’s family is reporting he was killed, shot in the head, by the radical Islamists he had gone to join.  No official report yet.  From Fox News:

A Minnesota man recruited to join an Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group overseas may have been assassinated in Somalia by the very terrorist group he went there to help.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been investigating for several months at least 20 Somali-American men from the Minneapolis area who recently traveled to Somalia to train with the terrorist group al-Shabaab.

One of those men — 17-year-old Burhan Hassan — was killed in Mogadishu on Friday, his uncle, Osman Ahmed, told FOX News.

“Someone who claimed (to be) a member of al-Shabaab called Burhan’s mom Friday (afternoon) and said Burhan died Friday morning,” Ahmed said. “Burhan’s mom got shocked and (threw) the phone when she heard the story.”

“Al-Shabaab assassinated Burhan and shot (him in) the head,” the individual said, according to Ahmed.

A law enforcement official told FOX News on Sunday that one of the Somali-American men was recently killed in Somalia by artillery fire, but the official declined to release the man’s name.

“My sister still is under shock,” Ahmed said.

Ahmed added that he and his family last heard from Hassan two weeks ago.

I was in the hearing room for the superficial, politically correct hearing that was held in March of this year by Senator Lieberman’s Homeland Security committee.   Osman Ahmed testified that day and described his nephew as a smart kid but brainwashed by someone at the local mosque.

“(He) was a brilliant student with straight A’s and on top of his class,” Ahmed testified at a Senate hearing in March focusing on recruitment efforts by al-Shabaab. “He was an ambitious kid with the hope to go to Harvard University to study medicine or law and become a medical doctor or a lawyer.”

Ahmed accuses a local mosque of helping al-Shabaab recruit his nephew and others in the Minneapolis area.

Question for Lewiston, ME and Nashville, TN:  any Somali youths missing from your cities?

For new readers, the US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US in the last 25 years and then last year had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.

Giving Amnesty to Illegal Hispanics will impact refugee employment prospects

Here is a story from Oregon about refugees finding employment at a corporate dairy farm.   It made me smile because one Bhutanese refugee says he really enjoys working with cows because they are sacred in his Hindu religion.   I like cows too.

Chapagai said he felt privileged to be working with cows, which are considered sacred to Hindus. Unlike some workers, he said, he never kicks them or treats them roughly.

“The cow is a god to us,” he said. “If I tell my friends I work with cows, it is a great thing.”

There is lots to read in the East Oregonian article, but this (below) is what interested me the most, in light of my argument a couple of days ago that giving Amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens in the US now would take jobs away from legitimate refugees.   I said I didn’t understand how a refugee resettlement agency (USCRI)that gets 96% of its funding from the taxpayer could justify lobbying for Amnesty. 

Guterbock said Threemile Canyon Farms has trouble keeping the dairy fully staffed. Most of the applicants are Hispanic, he said, and while there is no shortage of people looking for a job, many are not legally authorized to work in the United States.

Cultural conflicts?  So far so good.

“I actually expected much more resistance or trouble (from the Hispanic workers),” Guterbock said, “but people have been giving them rides and sharing food.”

But, the potential for trouble is still there.

There may be some rumors among the dairy’s Hispanic workers that Guterbock intends to replace them with refugees, he said, but that’s untrue. Threemile Canyon Farms still accepts applications and hires from the Boardman community, he said.

In addition to Hispanics, corporate farmer Guterbock has Iraqis and Africans employed as well.  I can’t wait to see how all that works out.  Remember how there was no love-loss between immigrant groups (they hadn’t gotten the PC multicultural message) at Greeley and Grand Island meatpacking facilities (see our whole category here) when Muslim workers demanded special religious accomodation. Hispanics led the opposition to Muslim demands. 

The corporate farm’s English classes are not working out so well!  I’ve thought all along that any employer who hires more than a couple of refugees should be required to offer English classes as part of the work day, so when I saw this, I (at first) perked up.   However, on closer examination it obviously isn’t working.  This employer tacks the English class on at the end of a long day and refugees, too tired  to attend, are learning Spanish from co-workers instead!

Threemile Canyon Farms offers the refugees about $9.50 an hour, plus benefits and evening English classes – although many, Guterbock admitted, are too tired at the end of the day to attend. But the refugees find ways to communicate, he said, and many of them are picking up Spanish quickly from their co-workers.

Endnote:  I was very disappointed earlier this year to see the degree to which Agricultural businesses and groups  (like the American Farm Bureau Federation) were lobbying for Amnesty.  See this study from the Federation for American Immigration Reform.   This East Oregonian article makes it clear that corporate farms need a steady supply of cheap immigrant labor.   Refugee employment agencies (head hunters) like USCRI and the IRC are helping keep the supply lines open—well, at least for now.  When 12 million illegal aliens enter the legal job market then all bets are off for the refugees.

More Iraqis the Tides Foundation could help

This story in Mother Jones, just sent to me by a reader, looks familiar.  Some parts of the article must be from a previous story from Dallas, Texas.   However, it’s worth mentioning again to further make my point that we are bringing Iraqi refugees to the US under false pretenses and the government contractors (volags) are using this opportunity to promote their version of reforming refugee resettlement—begging for more taxpayer funding for the refugees AND for themselves.   I’m actually beginning to wonder if these tragic stories are planted to drum up public support for higher taxpayer funding for refugees (that would be something the Soros strategists would do).  

America is a bad dream.

Recently arrived refugees interviewed in Dallas wonder how they’re supposed to become self-sufficient on minimal assistance in the worst economy since the Great Depression. Rather than making new lives, they are facing unemployment, eviction and isolation.

“The life here is closed,” said Lara Yakob, whose husband, an architect in Mosul, has been out of work since he arrived five months ago. His best prospect to date: a tryout in a laundry room.

“I think the American government feels that they made bad things for Iraq, so they bring us here. I don’t know why they do that if they don’t find us a job. This life they start for us, is a very bad life, ” said Omar Ibrahim, who arrived in Dallas in 2008 and still is jobless. 

He lives in a housing complex on the edge of the city, on a tree-lined street off the freeway, near Garland. Around 100 refugee families from Iraq, Myanmar and central Africa share this neighborhood of two-story apartments around the corner from a gas station—the site of a recent police killing—a Cash America outlet, aging strip malls and shuttered superstores.

His rent assistance stopped after four months, and to pay the bills he had to do the unthinkable. “I called my family in Iraq to send me money,” he said. And they asked him, “You are in America, and you are asking us for money?”

“They know that America is a dream, but it is a bad dream,” he said.

The story goes into the usual spiel about how little the refugees receive from the government.  Please note that the $900 mentioned here, is split with the resettlement agencies and only represents a tiny fraction of the welfare assistance refugees do get.  The “seed money” is from the US State Department.  All of the additional costs of refugee resettlement are borne by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) in the Dept. of Health and Human Services, and of course, from your state and local welfare assistance programs.

Each refugee receives $900 from the State Department’s Reception and Placement program for initial resettlement to cover housing, clothing, food and necessities for 30 to 90 days. The money is administered by 10 resettlement agencies that typically use half of it to cover administration and logistics.

A State Department spokesman tries valiantly to remind everyone that the Refugee Resettlement Program was NEVER intended to be funded exclusively by the taxpayer but was supposed to be a PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP and the volags (supposedly non-profit charitable groups) were to raise private funds as well.

“The money we give is intended only as seed money. They have to raise money on their own. In no way is the U.S. government contribution supposed to be the entire provision for the refugee,” said Thomas Pierce, a spokesman at the Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.

Reminder!  Yesterday I told you that one of the Top Ten Government Contractors, USCRI, gets 96% of its funding from you—-the American tax payer.  AND, they spend $1 million on lobbying that is not then available to the poor refugees. 

In this article, another of the Top Ten, Church World Service, says they want to get double what they are now receiving from the State Department.

Refugee advocates want $1,100 per refugee in the near term, but say ideally the grant should be doubled to $1,800, which would be in line with cost-of-living increases. “There has been a huge historic underfunding, ” said Jen Smyers, an associate for immigration and refugee policy at Church World Service in Washington.

By the way, rumor has it that the US State Department is picking up the tab for the Top Ten’s Washington, DC lobbying offices!   Can anyone deny that is so?

My solution:   Ask the big moneybags George Soros and his buddies at the Tides Foundation to make up for all the shortfall, afterall it is they who are pushing for more immigrants to flood the US.   And, sadly, they have more money than the Federal government!

Note to CWS and USCRI:  I saw that you only got peanuts from Tides in the same year that IRC got $3.5 million, what gives?