Lewiston folks, take note of Nashville Somali fraud allegations

The story is from 2007, but I mentioned it here in February.   The federal government is funding a Somali Center in Nashville that should have been thoroughly investigated by the Inspector General’s office in the Department of Health and Human Services two years ago but apparently never was.   Just now I received these news clips of an I-Team investigation by Channel 4 when the allegations of fraud were first made—amazing this has gone nowhere!

Three-part series by the I-Team of Channel 4 — May 2007:

Video Link 1:Local Director Receives Grants Despite Charges


Video Link 2:Somali Center Director Claims No Wrongdoing


Video Link 3:Sudanese Community Says Tax Dollars Misused


I’ve titled this post as I did because we are getting lots of visitors today obviously interested in the latest fraud allegations in Lewiston, ME, here.   Different type of fraud, but fraud nonetheless.   I wonder does Nashville have home health care?  Does Lewiston have a Somali Community Center?

Here is the most recent Form990 for the Somali Center of Nashville.  Hassan is still there (as of May 2008 when this tax form was filed) and they got $458,224 from the federal taxpayer in 2007.

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