Federal agents raid home health care offices in Lewiston, ME

Later on June 5th:  Lewiston folks should check out Nashville Somali fraud allegations, here.

Update June 5th:  Sure enough it was the Somali home health care businesses that were raided according to today’s updated story.    Note that reader, Susan, has posted several of our earlier posts on fraud in the Somali community elsewhere in the US, and about the immigration fraud uncovered through DNA testing in the family reunification program which is still under suspension by the US State Dept.


I’m still trying to find out more about this story, but since it was hot news yesterday, I’m posting today before too much time passes and will try to get more details later.   The big question here is was this definitely a raid of the home health care offices involving Somalis?

LEWISTON — Federal agents swarmed two floors of a downtown office building during the morning and early afternoon Wednesday.

A man who identified himself as a part owner of Global Home Health Care, one of the offices in the building, told the Sun Journal that a federal agency served him with a subpoena investigating allegations of fraud.

Garaad Dees said his organization provides in-home non-medical health care-related services, including cooking and bathing. Those services are paid by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services through Elder Independence of Maine, he said.


At least a dozen agents wearing badges identifying them as FBI and agents with the federal Office of the Inspector General were removing documents in backpacks from an office or offices on the fourth and fifth floors of The Professional Building at 145 Lisbon St.


The building’s directory shows various occupants for those floors, including offices for attorneys Lillian Kennedy, Michael Doherty and Decent Home Care, Inc. on the fourth floor. The fifth floor is occupied, according to the directory, by Global Home Health, licensed social worker Sharon Bell and the Somali Bantu Community office.

So why would I be suspicious you ask?   I’ve told you about the home health care racket before involving Somalis in Minnesota.  See this post from March which explains how the scam works. 

I think its fascinating how poor destitute immigrants, especially the Muslims, figure out so quickly how to game our growing welfare state.   Someone has got to be teaching them!

We’ve covered food stamp fraud  extensively (use our search function for all those posts)  and now comes another opportunity for fraud—-home health care.   The gist of it is that immigrants get doctors to submit documents saying they need home health care assistance which is then provided by their fellow immigrants.

But guess who is defending home health care against government budget cutters—our old friends the Liberal fascists at the SEIU (Service Employees International Union).   What a coincidence!   See information  here on their suit against the State of California.    Apparently California budget cutters want to reduce the hourly wage for home health care from $12 an hour to $8.

I told you before that the SEIU is organizing Somalis.   My theory is that they are organizing and teaching them how to use (misuse?) our welfare system.    ‘Community organizing’ in the style of Alinsky/Obama at work before our very eyes!

See my post “Bring us your poor and angry!” for more on the strategy including how the Cloward-Piven principle works.

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