American Congress for Truth urges citizens to contact Loews Hotels and complain about decision to cancel conference

Brigitte Gabriel’s American Congress for Truth (ACT) is filling an important void in our movement to bring attention to creeping shariah in America.  This is a powerful and rapidly growing grassroots organization and I encourage readers to consider signing up at ACT’s website here.

Free speech being threatened!

I told you the other day that I was one of those conference attendees given the boot from the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville.  Today I see ACT is calling on its members to contact the public relations office of Loews Hotels and voice concern about the decision in Nashville to silence free speech.

By the way, I was very fortunate to meet some of ACT’s grassroots coordinators in Nashville and can assure  you they are top notch citizen activists—genuine activists, as opposed to the phoney activists created by Nashville’s Open Borders community organizers.

From ACT’s action alert this a.m.:

Hotel managing director Tom Negri was quoted in The Tennessean newspaper: “We canceled the group for both the safety and the health of our guests and employees here at Vanderbilt hotel.”

Negri refused to provide any specific examples of “threats.” Even if such occurred, if all that was necessary to get hotels across America to cancel conferences was some threats, then free speech as we know it would be gone.

Whether threats from Islamists actually occurred, or whether Negri cancelled the conference for other reasons that he is not revealing, this occurrence is a perfect illustration of the early stages of “cultural jihad” in a free society like ours – and makes the case why conferences like the one Negri canceled are so necessary.

During the early stages, Islamists and their apologists speciously claim that those critical of radical Islam are engaging in what they call “hate speech.” They use threats and other forms of intimidation to prevent speech they don’t agree with from occurring. With every victory, as in this case in Nashville, they are emboldened, increasing their demands and intimidation tactics.

Just ask Austrian Member of Parliament Susanne Winter where this road ultimately leads. In January Ms. Winter was convicted of the “crime” of publicly insulting Islam.

We stop that road from going there by acting now.

We are therefore urging every ACT! for America member to either phone or email the national Loews Hotels Vice President of Public Relations, Emily Goldfischer. (A phone call is preferable). When you do, in a respectful but clear and concerned manner, communicate the following:


Express your disapproval of the action Tom Negri took in cancelling the conference.

Ask that Loews Hotels publicly investigate the action Negri took, disavow Negri’s action, and apologize to the New English Review, the organization that sponsored the conference.

Let Ms. Goldfischer know that until Loews corporate offices issues such a public repudiation of Mr. Negri’s actions you will not do business with or stay in a Loews Hotel.

Ms. Goldfischer can be reached at the following phone number and email address in New York:

Phone: (212) 521-2833
Fax: (212) 521-2379

If Ms. Goldfischer is unreachable (which may be the case if enough of you take action!!) contact Ellen Gale, Vice President of Public Relations for the Loews Nashville Regional office at her contact information below.

Ellen Gale
Phone: (202) 587-2686


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