Nashville, TN: a frontline on immigration, community organizing and Islamic activity

Update a few hours later:  My blog partner, Judy, has a much better description of the ultimate goal of all this using Jonah Goldberg’s definitions in “Liberal Fascism” here.

Update, literally minutes later:   Nashville ‘community organizers’ kick off campaign to push amnesty for illegals.   The Left wing groups need voters and their business friends need cheap labor!   They hide their motives under the white hat of humanitarianism.

Whew,  I just returned from a weekend in Nashville, TN where I attended the now famous New English Review conference entitled “Understanding the Jihad in Israel, Europe and America” that Judy told you about here a few days ago.     Why do I say “famous?”   Just go check out the pages and pages on google of stories that sprung from the initial and timely Timmerman piece at Newsmax about how the hotel, in which the symposium was scheduled, kicked our group out just days before the meeting.  They suggested we would bring violence to the hotel—what does that say for Nashville and the unholy alliance of its Muslim and Leftist communities?   The obvious purpose of the hotel’s action was to intimidate New English Review organizers.  It didn’t work.

There is too much to say about what I learned in Nashville, so will be bringing it to you in pieces as time goes on.  I’m going to keep you hanging!  But, suffice it to say, Nashville is a microcosm of what is happening in cities across the country with political activists in the Obama/Alinsky mold working with pro-open borders groups and big business (yes, big business! like this Loews Vanderbilt Hotel) and using refugees and immigrants as political ammo as voters (not to mention as cheap labor for the business people) to push a socialist (communist?) agenda for America.

I’m posting this in our community destabilization category and recommend new readers go there to get some background on how community destabilization works.

Also, I am making a new category entitled ‘Nashville’ because what is happening there is happening where you live and as we chronicle that heartland city, it may help you understand and maybe halt what is most definitely happening in your town with the immigrant population and its Leftist community organizers.   Remember Alinsky says you have to have an on-going battle of “have-nots” fighting the “haves” to bring about CHAOS and CHANGE!    Change!  Where have I heard that word before?

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