Nashville community organizers kick off Amnesty for Illegals campaign

I rarely use internet slang, but this story coming minutes after my previous post on Nashville causes me to ROFL!    For other old foggies, that is, it caused me to Roll on the Floor Laughing!

A press conference was held yesterday in the very same hotel, the Loews Vanderbilt, that expelled the New English Review symposium over the weekend.  The purpose of the press conference was to kick off Nashville’s involvement in the so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform battle—-that is really the Amnesty battle that our side won two summers ago (remember the Kennedy/McCain bill!).

So a gang of so-called grassroots groups met at the Loews Vanderbilt, according to the Tennessean:

One week before the Obama administration is set to begin talks about immigration policy reform, a Nashville coalition gathered Monday to announce plans to ignite what they call a “productive community conversation” about immigration here. 

“Our premise is that a more informed public is a more reasonable public,” said Avi Poster, president of The Coalition for Education about Immigration and participant in Nashville’s Reform Immigration for America Campaign.

The campaign is part of a national effort to lobby Congress to alter the nation’s immigration policy, limit any surge in anti-immigrant sentiment and generate public support for so-called comprehensive immigration policy reform.

The Nashville group released few details of its plans. Poster said the group will host a series of public forums to discuss immigration and related issues and share information about the impact of current policies.

The White House meeting that they are referring to is this one.  The Open Borders crowd needs to get Obama’s backbone strengthened because they are worried that he and Rahm Emanuel are getting squishy on immigration legislation this year due to the unemployment crisis.  Go ahead guys, push it this year, the firestorm will be so much fun!

The other purpose of the press conference is to set the tone in Nashville, a city transformed by immigration thanks in part to the US State Department and the volag government contractors making Nashville a “welcoming” city for refugees, including thousands of Muslims— mostly Somalis and Kurds.  

Yesterday, the ‘religious Left’ was represented by the Rev. Dixon whose role was to make it clear that anyone opposing “reform” in Nashville will be labeled a “xenophobe.”    At this point in my narrative the transparancy here should be causing you all to join me in rolling on the floor laughing!

In Nashville, a city that in the last 15 years has seen its population and social landscape dramatically altered by immigration, there is a critical need for these types of conversations, said the Rev. Sonnye Dixon, pastor of Hobson United Methodist Church and a member of the local campaign.

“There is what I would call an epidemic of xenophobia affecting America,” Dixon said.

As is so often the case these days for the “state run media” aka mainstream media, more information is forthcoming from a commenter.     ISKRA said:

“The Nashville group released few details” probably because there are no details yet. Something this important and they would not or could not answer simple questions from the audience like what conditions would accompany a grant of amnesty to an “illegal” or what changes might there be in the 287g program.

The conference organizer, Avi Poster, stated that they have a “partnership with NPT” in this effort. Then he really blundered by saying he wanted to thank the media for coming out in response to a “plea for help”. At this point he realized his mistake and tried to back track and say, instead, thanks for attending our “plea from [for] reform”. I am sure he is right to assume that private media and public media (NPT) are on his side. One panelist said they would deal with this issue like they dealt with “english only”, revealing what we always knew – all these pop-pop, letterhead “citizen” groups are related.


Endnote:  We told you about the “english only” campaign in Nashville in January here.  Watch for more news at RRW on how it was defeated with the help of big business in future posts.

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