Uighurs compare America to Hitler

This isn’t going to help Americans become a welcoming community for the Uighurs. Fox News reports:

America is twice as bad as the Nazis — that was the harsh accusation by the Chinese Muslims, also known as the Uyghurs, held at Guantanamo Bay. 

The 17 men were picked up in the training camps in Afghanistan where they were preparing for Jihad against China. They were cleared for release, in part, because their supporters claim the United States is not their direct enemy.

Some journalists were given a tour of the Guantanamo Bay prison. The Uighurs are held in a separate section. As the Fox News cameraman approached, they held up a pad of paper with slogans on it, and Fox filmed them as the Uighurs turned the pages. Here are some of them:

“America is Double Hetler (Hitler) in unjustice,”

“we need to freedom. Do not oppress us”

“what is the difference between Democracy and Communist”

“America with Chinese Government are oppressing us”

Then, unsolicited, the two Uyghurs began speaking English. One asked, “Obama is a communist or a democrat? We have same operation in China.”

There appears little doubt the Uyghurs statements will complicate the administration’s efforts to find them a home.

You can say that again. That, along with the story of the Uighur who threw a TV to the ground because it pictured a woman with bare arms.  See our previous posts on the Uighurs here.

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