Muslim kills young American soldier, wounds another in Arkansas

Update later on June 3rd: Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch has some exclusive information on the murderer here.  More here.

Update June 3rd:   Thanks to Blulitespecial we now know that the killer may not have been acting alone (what a surprise!).  Maybe the FBI could start by checking whose Somali passport he was using in Yemen.   From Fox News:

A senior U.S. official tells FOX News that more targets were found on computer of a man charged in the fatal shooting Monday at a military recruiting center in Arkansas — suggesting that the shooter may have been part of a larger plot to attack military targets and may not have been acting alone.

Update June 2nd:   See Islam in Action blog here for an update.  So the killer was a Jihadist and hailed from Memphis, TENNESSEE.  Gosh, there is that TENNESSEE connection again.   FBI was watching him, apparently not good enough, and he had traveled on a Somali passport.  Gosh, there is that SOMALI connection again!


Apparently a Muslim convert, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad (23), was arrested in Arkansas today for the driveby shooting of a young soldier just out of boot camp.  From the AP:

A man with “political and religious motives” killed a soldier just out of basic training and wounded another Monday in a targeted attack on a military recruiting center, police said. The shootings were not believed to be part of a broader scheme.  [move along, no broader scheme, just an individual nut]

The soldiers completed basic training within the past two weeks and were not regular recruiters, said Lt. Col. Thomas F. Artis of the Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion, which oversees the Little Rock office.

The dead soldier was a local boy who had made good in the military.   The shooter’s father lives in nearby Tennessee, so I am assuming the Muslim was converted to Islam there.   In the prison system perhaps?    I don’t know that for sure, just wondering.

The accused shooter’s father, Melvin Bledsoe of Memphis, Tenn., hung up on a reporter who called about his son’s arrest Monday night.

I just returned from Tennessee and I’ll have more on that state’s Muslim problems in the a.m.