American Congress for Truth urges citizens to contact Loews Hotels and complain about decision to cancel conference

Brigitte Gabriel’s American Congress for Truth (ACT) is filling an important void in our movement to bring attention to creeping shariah in America.  This is a powerful and rapidly growing grassroots organization and I encourage readers to consider signing up at ACT’s website here.

Free speech being threatened!

I told you the other day that I was one of those conference attendees given the boot from the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville.  Today I see ACT is calling on its members to contact the public relations office of Loews Hotels and voice concern about the decision in Nashville to silence free speech.

By the way, I was very fortunate to meet some of ACT’s grassroots coordinators in Nashville and can assure  you they are top notch citizen activists—genuine activists, as opposed to the phoney activists created by Nashville’s Open Borders community organizers.

From ACT’s action alert this a.m.:

Hotel managing director Tom Negri was quoted in The Tennessean newspaper: “We canceled the group for both the safety and the health of our guests and employees here at Vanderbilt hotel.”

Negri refused to provide any specific examples of “threats.” Even if such occurred, if all that was necessary to get hotels across America to cancel conferences was some threats, then free speech as we know it would be gone.

Whether threats from Islamists actually occurred, or whether Negri cancelled the conference for other reasons that he is not revealing, this occurrence is a perfect illustration of the early stages of “cultural jihad” in a free society like ours – and makes the case why conferences like the one Negri canceled are so necessary.

During the early stages, Islamists and their apologists speciously claim that those critical of radical Islam are engaging in what they call “hate speech.” They use threats and other forms of intimidation to prevent speech they don’t agree with from occurring. With every victory, as in this case in Nashville, they are emboldened, increasing their demands and intimidation tactics.

Just ask Austrian Member of Parliament Susanne Winter where this road ultimately leads. In January Ms. Winter was convicted of the “crime” of publicly insulting Islam.

We stop that road from going there by acting now.

We are therefore urging every ACT! for America member to either phone or email the national Loews Hotels Vice President of Public Relations, Emily Goldfischer. (A phone call is preferable). When you do, in a respectful but clear and concerned manner, communicate the following:


Express your disapproval of the action Tom Negri took in cancelling the conference.

Ask that Loews Hotels publicly investigate the action Negri took, disavow Negri’s action, and apologize to the New English Review, the organization that sponsored the conference.

Let Ms. Goldfischer know that until Loews corporate offices issues such a public repudiation of Mr. Negri’s actions you will not do business with or stay in a Loews Hotel.

Ms. Goldfischer can be reached at the following phone number and email address in New York:

Phone: (212) 521-2833
Fax: (212) 521-2379

If Ms. Goldfischer is unreachable (which may be the case if enough of you take action!!) contact Ellen Gale, Vice President of Public Relations for the Loews Nashville Regional office at her contact information below.

Ellen Gale
Phone: (202) 587-2686


Out of New York tragedy comes a windfall

Yes indeed, bring us your poor and angry and there could be a silver lining, according to this story from Pressconnects of Greater Binghamton.

Remember that shooting rampage back in April when an angry refugee went on a killing spree in Rochester, NY.   It is hard to remember isn’t it?  That is  because there has been virtual silence on the story for the last two months, until now.  Seems big bucks are flowing into local charities, but the question is, are big bucks flowing back out to the needy?

Tragedy has spurred an unprecedented amount of giving. 

Donations to local charities have now exceeded $250,000 for victims of the April 3 mass shooting at the American Civic Association in Binghamton. Thirteen people – 11 immigrants taking an English class, their teacher and a caseworker – were massacred. The shooter, Jiverly A. Wong, 41, also wounded four others before turning one of his two handguns on himself.

So far, the lion’s share of money – about $200,000 – has been donated to Catholic Charities of Broome County.

But, get this!  Only 1/8th of the $200,000 has gone to help families of the victims.

So far, Catholic Charities has paid out about $25,000 of the amount donated. The money has gone to pay for food and local transportation costs for families of the victims.

It’s not just the Catholics who benefited, so too did the Broome County Council of Churches.

The Broome County Council of Churches has received about $50,000 in donations since the shooting, said the Rev. Joseph Sellepack, the council’s executive director.

So far, about $26,000 of that amount has gone toward transportation costs. Volunteers from the council drove family members of victims to and from JFK International Airport in Queens. Many of those family members live overseas.

If you are saying, well at least they spent half of their windfall on victims’ relatives, read this again more carefully.   If “volunteers” drove family members of victims to and from the airport, then why was there an expense of $26,000 for “transportation costs.”    Actually we have learned in the last two years of tracking refugee issues that true volunteers are rare in this refugee business—everyone wants to be paid!

Then this adds insult to injury.   The taxpayer, you and me, are also footing the bill for the killing spree.  Government agencies have kicked in a chunk of change as well.  The do-gooders bring crazy people to the US and we foot the bill.

Many costs associated with the tragedy have been met with federal and state funds. The U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Victims of Crime has paid airfare for family members coming from China, Brazil, Vietnam and other countries.

The state Crime Victims Board is handling compensation claims for funeral and medical expenses, as well as compensation for lost wages and counseling services.

Read the whole article, there is lots more interesting information in it including reference to family members who came for the funeral and are staying on in the US.

Hey, Catholic Charities and other beneficiaries of tragedy, how about if you help the victims’ families directly with your windfall.  You know, set up a scholarship for the kids or something instead of expanding your bureaucractic fiefdoms.

National Open Borders groups kick off campaign in Washington today

Roy Beck of NumbersUSA has sent out an action alert to all those concerned with Amnesty and other forms of legislation that would open the door wider than it already is for immigrant labor to enter the US and compete with American workers.   No surprise that this is why the Nashville mob of phoney grassroots groups kicked off their campaign yesterday, here.

The Open Borders lobbyists are pushing now, in advance of any Amnesty legislation, to shore up the wavering Obama Administration that is justifiably worried about a huge backlash from Americans who have either lost jobs or may lose jobs in our sour economy.

This is one portion of Beck’s action alert that interested me:

There are big groups participating this week to push for amnesty and foreign worker increases:

National Council of La Raza (even though Hispanic Americans have suffered an incredible increase in unemployment)

NAACP (even though Black Americans have the worst unemployment in the country)

Service Employees International Union (their main growth in union dues is among foreign workers, so they are willing to abandon American workers)

The United Methodist Church

The Catholic Church

Many, many other religious, ethnic and rights organizations

Why would they turn their backs on America’s beleaguered workers?

Well, one incentive is that most of them have a shot at a share of the $50 million for “comprehensive immigration reform” that has been promised by the Ford, Carnegie, Soros and other foundations.

Many of the groups listed here are the same cast of characters involved in the contractual program with the federal government to bring in refugees.  It makes me wonder why they would support Amnesty when those illegal aliens who receive approval to stay in the US will be in direct competition for jobs that legitimate refugees need.  I can only assume they are chicken to stand up to the Open Borders machine and its money.

By the way, Soros’ strategy involves creating myriad grassroots groups in communities to make it appear that there is a groundswell of local support for more immigrants.  That is what is happening in Nashville, here.

I’ve written about the SEIU (above list) on many previous occasions (here is one such post) and I thank Mr. Beck for helping to clarify why they would be so interested in organizing Somalis.

See Beck’s testimony to Congress today, here.