National Open Borders groups kick off campaign in Washington today

Roy Beck of NumbersUSA has sent out an action alert to all those concerned with Amnesty and other forms of legislation that would open the door wider than it already is for immigrant labor to enter the US and compete with American workers.   No surprise that this is why the Nashville mob of phoney grassroots groups kicked off their campaign yesterday, here.

The Open Borders lobbyists are pushing now, in advance of any Amnesty legislation, to shore up the wavering Obama Administration that is justifiably worried about a huge backlash from Americans who have either lost jobs or may lose jobs in our sour economy.

This is one portion of Beck’s action alert that interested me:

There are big groups participating this week to push for amnesty and foreign worker increases:

National Council of La Raza (even though Hispanic Americans have suffered an incredible increase in unemployment)

NAACP (even though Black Americans have the worst unemployment in the country)

Service Employees International Union (their main growth in union dues is among foreign workers, so they are willing to abandon American workers)

The United Methodist Church

The Catholic Church

Many, many other religious, ethnic and rights organizations

Why would they turn their backs on America’s beleaguered workers?

Well, one incentive is that most of them have a shot at a share of the $50 million for “comprehensive immigration reform” that has been promised by the Ford, Carnegie, Soros and other foundations.

Many of the groups listed here are the same cast of characters involved in the contractual program with the federal government to bring in refugees.  It makes me wonder why they would support Amnesty when those illegal aliens who receive approval to stay in the US will be in direct competition for jobs that legitimate refugees need.  I can only assume they are chicken to stand up to the Open Borders machine and its money.

By the way, Soros’ strategy involves creating myriad grassroots groups in communities to make it appear that there is a groundswell of local support for more immigrants.  That is what is happening in Nashville, here.

I’ve written about the SEIU (above list) on many previous occasions (here is one such post) and I thank Mr. Beck for helping to clarify why they would be so interested in organizing Somalis.

See Beck’s testimony to Congress today, here.

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