Immigration Daily argues that June 8th White House meeting is telling

The on-line publication for pro-open borders immigration professionals argued in an editorial today that the June 8th White House chit-chat that I mentioned yesterday will be an extremely important event for what they call Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR = Amnesty). 

I know this is drifting away from refugees and asylees a bit, but flooding the US with immigrant populations is what they are both about.  However, I always wonder if legalizing millions of presently illegal aliens won’t in fact cause huge problems for the refugee industry because jobs are already very scarce for the low-skilled workers both import for their friends in big business.

What is the significance of the Sotomayor pick for the Supreme Court and the June 8th meeting?   From Immigration Daily:

President Obama’s nomination of Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court is yet another in a series of politically astute moves by the White House, in this case seeking to cement Latinos into the Democratic coalition. The nomination raises the question as to whether this is a down payment for CIR or a substitute for it. Some in the anti camp suggest that “Sotomayor was guaranteed to get the nod — as a consolation prize for Hispanic pressure groups, since there isn’t going to be an amnesty.” However, the pro-immigration America’s Voice argues that the SCOTUS nomination has nothing to do with CIR, and that “Obama has renewed his campaign pledge to move reform forward in year 1. Again, and again, and again.”

Read on for their linkage of Sotomayor pick to June 8th at the White House.

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