Tennessee ‘community organizers’ win a big prize

This is such a joke but a very clear example of how all this works—by giving a prize to a community organizing group like the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC), the big moneybags in the Open Borders crowd legitimize their agenda even if it isn’t working. 

Members of the public, who generally know no better, say ‘how nice’ that people are getting along in Tennessee where they are told that dropping third world cultures into a conservative southern state works great.   We know it works great because some big Leftwing foundations, like Kaplan, with secret sources of funding (their invested funds must be dropping like a stone) are giving large money prizes to make it LOOK like it’s working!

From the Shelbyville Times-Gazette this morning:

The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) has won a $50,000 award for its Welcoming Tennessee Initiative, which has been partially focused in Shelbyville over the past year. 

The prize, called the E Pluribus Unum national award for exceptional immigrant integration initiatives, was given to the TIRRC in Washington, D.C. Wednesday by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), which describes itself as an independent, non-partisan think tank “dedicated to analysis of the movement of people worldwide.”

TIRRC and three other groups were honored at the Library of Congress and the ceremony featured remarks by Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and other national policy makers. [Edit:  Shouldn’t Ms. Solis be worried about AMERICAN workers losing jobs to immigrants in places like Tennessee?]

According to a press release from MPI, this is the first year the awards are being given and were established by the Institute’s National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy with support from the J.M. Kaplan Fund*.

The award “seeks to inspire others to take on this important work and encourage the adoption of effective integration practices,” MPI says.

TIRRC launched its Welcoming Tennessee Initiative (WTI) in 2006, and began to focus on Shelbyville in last year, beginning with a billboard campaign, followed by several events held by the organization in conjunction with local groups such as El Centro Latino.

Integration, my foot! 

How funny that just yesterday the Wall Street Journal informed us that it is going pretty badly in Shelbyville where American workers are rightfully angry about jobs going to refugees—refugees arriving from Nashville or as far away as Boise, ID.     By the way, I’m starting to wonder if the big moneybags behind awards like this are the big immigrant-exploiting businesses—-the meatpackers themselves!  Does Kaplan get money from Tysons Food?   (not that far-fetched when you consider we learned on Glenn Beck recently that Soros passes money through the Tides Foundation)

Then just yesterday also, I told you about the World Net Daily article which reports that federal authorities are keeping an eye on Somali communities.   Shelbyville is mentioned:

The suburbs of Shelbyville and Dover have also become Somali strongholds. Local newspapers have reported that police are hesitant to even patrol after dark at the apartment complexes where the Somalis live.

TIRRC projects cited in the Times-Gazette story.

Check out the patronizing billboard campaign they are lauding here.

And, then there is that infuriating “forum” where “Welcoming Tennessee” hauled Somali leaders to Shelbyville to give the ‘rednecks’ a lesson in Somali culture.  I suggested a forum for immigrants put on by local Tennesseans in American culture!     Come to think of it, I wonder if these events were just to add to the resume so TIRRC would get the “prize.”

*The final irony—go check out the Kaplan Fund at that link I posted above.  Note that they are huge funders of the major environmental groups in the US.  Having worked for one of those groups in my naive youth, I am constantly amazed that they don’t get the fact that OPEN BORDERS AND INCREASED IMMIGRATION POSE THE GREATEST THREATS TO THE US ENVIRONMENT.   Kaplan is working at cross purposes when it funds environmental activism and open borders.  Why?

Oh, and one more question for the wizards at the Kaplan Fund, do you think that one day the Somalis you are encouraging to “integrate” into rural Tennessee will wake up and have only two children so as to save the US from over-population and the inevitable degradation of our environment?   Not likely.

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