The making of a Minnesota suicide bomber

That is the title of the Minneapolis Star Tribune investigation into the life of Shirwa Ahmed,  the US’s first (that we know of!) American-citizen suicide bomber.    Ahmed had been one of the Somali missing young men before it was learned that he was no longer missing, but bits of him had been identified in Somalia at the site of a suicide bombing—Ahmed was identified as the bomber.

Read the detailed story here and see how it is possible for a young man from a refugee camp to come to America and by all accounts become ‘Americanized,’  but inspite of his apparent assimilation was not immune to fundatmentalist Islamic ideas that drove him to martyrdom.

We first told you about the FBI returning his tiny remains to Minneapolis in December here.

Senator Sessions smeared by America’s Voice and the Southern Poverty Law Center

Ho hum!  So what else is new.   America’s Voice and the Southern Poverty Law Center both well known for their smear tactics—-you know that is how the radical left operates, they learned it from Alinsky (Rule 13 and SPLC here)—went after Senator Jeff Sessions yesterday as reported at the Huffington Post.    You can read the whole smear here, but I was more interested in this little line.

Interestingly enough, his work on conservation causes earlier in life was lauded by environmentalists.

Why is this “interesting?”     What is without a doubt the greatest threat to the environment of the United States?  No, not global warming, not coal-fired plants, not cows farting!   The greatest threat to American beauty, to open space, to resource depletion is the out of control population growth fueled by out of control  immigration, so if Senator Sessions wants to  protect the environment it is perfectly consistent with restricting  immigration.

Those “nativist” groups mentioned by America’s Voice:  FAIR, CIS, NumbersUSA etc. grew out of the environmental movement as the movement became a tool of the extreme political left wing—a left wing that wanted more immigrants to fuel the war of the “have-nots” against the “haves,”  a left wing that wants to bring about a Socialist form of government in the US.  The immigrants are pawns in that massive strategy, much closer to realization now with Obama in the White House.

So why aren’t American environmental groups up in arms about the immigration population explosion (see NumbersUSA demonstration of the impact on American population here), because many receive large amounts of funding from donors who are Socialists and want no restrictions on immigration.

A few years ago there was a huge battle within the Sierra Club on immigration and the open borders side won simply because a big funder threatened to withdraw support if the Club took a position for controlled immigration.  Many of those activists who saw open borders as the major destructive force of American land, resources and quality of life gravitated to the groups America’s Voice and the SPLC refer to as “nativist” —a word which for me holds no evil connotation.   Like racist, xenophobe, homophobe, islamophobe, all are just words used to silence good people.

Don’t send money to American environmental groups if you care about America

I have for some time been meaning to tell you that in the UK and Canada the environmentalists are beginning to join with those who want to slow immigration.  The American environmental establishment has missed the boat.   Don’t send your hard-earned money to the Sierra Club and others of the major groups.  Groups that Socialists call “nativist,”  like NumbersUSA, FAIR, and CIS, are doing more to fight for the future of America’s land and resources than the so-called establishment environmental movement.

Nevermind reform, just give us more money

The Volags (the supposedly voluntary federal contractors) who resettle refugees in the US talk only about reforming the poorly administered program via reaping more of your tax money.   Just send money and we will be fine!   And, as they continually beg for more refugees to come to the US, there will always be the companion plea that there is never enough money.   Take for instance this press release from the Refugee Council USA  (RCUSA) which is a consortium of groups comprising the refugee industry.

They make it sound like they only want the money for the refugees, but really they want to stay in business with a taxpayer-funded bail-out.

WASHINGTON, May 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Refugee Council USA (RCUSA), the nation’s leading coalition of non-profit organizations working to protect the rights of refugees, commended the proposed increases in funding for refugees and internally displaced persons in the Obama Administration’s fiscal year 2010 budget. The proposed increases reveal a commitment to begin to address the needs of refugees and displaced persons in the regular budget and not rely on supplemental funding to fill the gaps midway through the year. Such an approach would help ensure more effective program planning and delivery in 2010. Still, the President’s request will not meet all identified needs and priorities. Substantial additional funding will be required. RCUSA pledged to work with Congress and the Administration in the coming months to ensure that these additional increases are appropriated to address the humanitarian and protection needs of the world’s refugees both overseas and here in the United States.

Apparently Obama has increased funding for Refugee Resettlement but not by enough to satisfy this lobbying organization, RCUSA.

While we are encouraged by the proposed modest increase in funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlement to $741 million, RCUSA believes that providing additional funding of at least $208 million would help ensure that there are resources necessary to properly address the needs of refugees resettled in the United States. The current economic crisis, which affects millions of Americans, has had an especially damaging impact on vulnerable refugees offered protection and safety by the United States Government.

We have told you about RCUSA before, here.   They have been lobbying, just 3 months ago, for the Obama Administration to bring 45,000 Iraq refugees to the US in this fiscal year.  Frankly they are nuts!   In the first 7 months of FY 2009 which began October 1, we have resettled 9,581 Iraqis and they are profoundly unhappy.  Most have no work and their living conditions are deplorable, some have even returned to the Middle East.

Finally, I thought this was amusing, guess who is asking for more money—one of the International Rescue Committee’s six-figured salary VP’s (see this post from last December in which  Mr. Carey’s name came up in a story about refugees having no jobs).   From yesterday’s RCUSA press release:

“Refugee Council USA is encouraged by the overall increase in the Migration and Refugee Assistance (MRA), International Disaster Assistance (IDA), and Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) accounts. This is especially welcome at a time when the number of refugees and displaced people in the world – as well as their needs – are growing,” Robert J. Carey, Chair of Refugee Council USA, stated.

Meanwhile the International Rescue Committee, instead of first paring down its New York headquarter salaries and expenses closed its Boston Office and left the refugees there in a lurch, so much for humanitarian compassion!