Muslims and Leftists riot in Greece (again!)

Update May 25th:  Jihad Watch has a good update with lots of comments today.

Check out the full story at the excellent blog, Islam in Action, but here is the gist of it:

ATHENS: Muslim immigrants clashed again with Greek police on Friday during a second day of protests in Athens over charges that officers tore up a Koran during an identity check of immigrants.

Nearly 1,000 Muslims rallied in the city’s central Omonia square in a demonstration organised by leftist, immigrant and anti-racism groups.

Several men in their 20s and 30s from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria and Somalia marched to parliament and the interior minister shouting “Allah! Allah!” and slogans in Arabic.

The Greek capital’s main streets were closed amid a heavy police presence.

Start here to read our previous posts on Muslim illegal immigration to Greece and what it is doing to the country.

Look to Europe with its Muslim immigrant problems and say after me:  we won’t let it happen here, we won’t let it happen here, we won’t let it happen here!

Why Maine, we are broke!

In a letter to the editor today at the Kennebec Journal, reader Larry Davis tells the governor to take a meat ax to the budget and asks some questions, No.1 interests us:

The budget deficit has grown from $340 million to $580 million and is expected to grow to $800 million.

It is time, dear governor, to get out the old meat ax; no, not the small one, but the extra large, double-bladed one you can hardly pick up. That’s right, heft it on your shoulder and ask yourself:

1. Why does Catholic Charities of Maine bring in wave after wave of refugees to one of the poorest states in the nation, and put them on our Golden Cadillac of a welfare system?

Mr. Davis, it’s because you do have a Golden Cadillac of a welfare system.   That’s why the Somalis went to Lewiston (see one of our many posts on Lewiston here), and the Sudanese to Portland (very latest on Portland refugees here, just two days ago).  We recently learned the Iraqis are on the way too.

From our post on unhappy Iraqis in Georgia:   

Refugees in Georgia are not immediately eligible for subsidized public housing, prompting some to migrate to states such as Maine where such housing is available. 

See more about Iraqis going to Maine here

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can’t stop secondary migrants (refugees resettled elsewhere who hear about “welcoming” Maine), but you can say no to the Refugee Resettlement program—the state of Wyoming did.

As a matter of fact, maybe it’s time for states to look into whether it’s even Constitutional for the federal government (through a government contractor which is what Catholic Charities is) to place immigrants in your states.  Or, at the very least start demanding of the federal government that this unfunded mandate be funded.

Somali with terrorist ties pleads guilty in Minnesota

Years ago Somali immigrant Mohammed Warsame was arrested on charges involving material support of terrorism after traveling to an Afghanistan training camp.  Yesterday the case came to an end according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

More than five years after FBI agents first knocked on the door of his Minneapolis apartment, terrorism suspect Mohammed Abdullah Warsame brought an abrupt end to his legal battles Wednesday by pleading guilty to a single charge of conspiring to provide material support and resources to Al-Qaida.

Four other charges against Warsame, 35, will be dropped, including providing material support to the terrorist organization and making false statements to the FBI.


Prosecutors described the plea agreement in a news release, saying that Warsame attended two training camps in Afghanistan in 2000, met Osama bin Laden at one camp, and later worked at an Al-Qaida guesthouse and clinic. In 2001, he traveled from Pakistan to Canada, establishing e-mail contacts with several Al-Qaida associates he had met in Afghanistan, the news release said. He sent money to one of his former training camp commanders, it said. After moving to Minneapolis, he maintained e-mail contact in 2002 and 2003 with several people associated with Al-Qaida, the release said.

Read on.

So why does this interest us?   We first told you that we had discovered that Minneapolis Somali Justice Center head honcho, Omar Jamal, was a relative of Warsame here.   We have written extensively about how Jamal, who had been convicted of immigration fraud and was expected to be deported, curiously places himself  in the middle of many issues involving Somali refugees and immigrants in the US.   He even went to New York recently to defend the Somali pirate.

Here his family connection to Warsame is mentioned in a 2004 CNN report:

Omar Jamal, Warsame’s uncle and executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center in Minneapolis, told CNN he is prepared for a lengthy process.

And, here is what he said to Minnesota Public Radio a month later.  No mention of the family connection.

A spokesman for the Warsame family, Omar Jamal of the Somali Justice Center, said it’s important to keep in mind Warsame is innocent until proven guilty.

“We don’t have to lose the sight that this is an allegation from the government. This is subject to proof, burden of proof on the government side. This will be the thing in the court. This trial will go on very long period of time. And it’s going to be the part of the government to prove that,” says Jamal.

By the way, it is believed that Jamal himself came into the US through Canada.

Here is our archive on the many posts we have written on the flamboyant Omar Jamal.