Portland, ME: poor Jimmy is now in deep trouble

Remember Sudanese refugee Jimmy Odong who JUST ONE WEEK AGO nearly started a riot (a melee according to the reporter) in Portland when he was arrested for stealing alcohol.  This is what the PORTLAND PRESS HERALD said then when Jimmy was being arrested for stealing:

A number of other officers were dispatched to the area, which is alongside the Kennedy Park housing development. Members of the gathering group, some of whom are Sudanese, like Odong, and some who are from other African countries, began calling the officers names, including “killers” and “murderers,” in apparent reference to the police shooting of a Sudanese immigrant, David Okot, last month.

When police prepared to tow the car Odong had driven, some of the crowd jumped on the car to try to prevent it from being taken, police said.

Three juveniles eventually were arrested, two of them on charges of assault after they allegedly punched the officers, police said.

Less than one week later an intoxicated Jimmy Odong (must have gotten booze somewhere) led police on a chase that potentially endangered lives in downtown Portland.  There was one injury but it wasn’t serious.   This is what the PORTLAND PRESS HERALD said on Monday evening.  This is the whole story!  There is no reference to Jimmy’s role in the near riot (melee!) less than one week earlier, it is left to the commenters to note that the name sounded familiar.  What, they don’t have google at the paper?

PORTLAND – Portland police said a local man who led them on a wild chase through the city Monday afternoon was intoxicated.

Jimmy Odong, 19, of Portland was arrested on Congress Street after leading police on a two-mile chase through the streets of Portland.

Sgt. Troy Bowden said Odong’s blood alcohol level was .17 percent, or more than twice the legal limit. Odong was charged with reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon, eluding a police officer, operating under the influence, operating without a license and four counts of leaving the scene of an accident.

Bowden said that during the chase, Odong’s vehicle struck one car on Pearl Street and two additional cars as well as a building on Kennebec Street. He then crashed into a fourth car and nearly hit several pedestrians before jumping out of his vehicle at Congress and High streets.

Officers chased Odong on foot before he surrendered. The incident began around 3:30 p.m.

Bowden said one motorist suffered minor injuries but refused medical treatment.

Odong was being held without bail at the Cumberland County Jail.

I guess somehow the bad police will be blamed by the “Sudanese Community” of Portland, ME for poor Jimmy’s troubles.

Be sure to watch the TV news clip here too.

We have told you on several occasions that Maine is “welcoming” refugees and secondary migrants with its extensive welfare system.

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