‘Our boys’ fighting in Somalia, give up luxuries to sacrifice for Islam

Yes, ‘our boys!’   Somali refugees that we fed, clothed, educated and heck, we probably even fixed their teeth have returned to Somalia along with others from around the world to fight with radical Islamists to overthrow the relatively moderate government, and it looks like they may succeed.   Think about it, these Somali missing refugee youths that might not have lived to manhood if left in Africa became healthy strapping fighters—on our dime. *

From The Nation  earlier in the week:

Islamist Al-Shabaab political and regional officer Sheikh Hussein Ali Fidow has praised the solidarity his group received from foreign fighters against the Transitional Federal Government in Somalia.

Sheikh Fidow warned Somalis against calling the ‘Muslim brothers,’ aliens.

Speaking in Mogadishu, Sheikh Fidow responded to claims from government officials that foreign combatants were fighting alongside Al-Shabaab fighters in the latest clashes in Mogadishu.

Sheikh Fidow made it clear that foreign fighters were in Somalia offering his movement solidarity.

“Jihadists from all corners of the world have been here with us since we confronted the infamous warlords in Mogadishu three years ago,” said Sheikh Fidow.

“They have been coming to Somalia to fight the ‘enemy of Allah,’ including the Ethiopian troops, the African peacekeepers and those who brought them to the country,” he added.

For all do-gooders who think American life (an Ipod, baggy pants and admission to Harvard) can wipe out the desire to kill for Allah:

“These people left luxuries in their countries to sacrifice for the Somali people to have an Islamic state,” said Sheikh Fidow.

Now, three days after the Nation article, Fox News is reporting that violence explodes and stabilization fails.  Foreign fighters may be making the difference.  Hat tip Blulitespecial.

NAIROBI, Kenya — Hundreds of foreigners fighting alongside Somali Islamic insurgents have driven this week’s fierce battles against government forces, which have killed more than 100 people, the U.N. envoy to Somalia said Friday. [Reader remember that the government the radicals are attempting to overthrow is already an Islamic government!]

Yes, it would be “unacceptable” if Al-Shabaab takes over Somalia.

The African Union is concerned about the deepening influence of foreign fighters in Somalia’s insurgency, said Nicolas Bwakira, the African Union envoy to Somalia. He said that there are up to 400 foreign fighters in the Horn of Africa nation.

“It would be unacceptable that the Shabab, Al Qaeda, takes over the government in Somalia. This is a group of war criminals,” said Bwakira, referring to a Somali extremist Islamic group that is fighting the government. The U.S. State Department considers al-Shabab a terrorist organization with links to Al Qaeda, something the group denies.

Looks like the vaunted Obama-Hillary diplomacy is failing in Somalia (Pakistan too).

* Kind of reminds me of what Kevin Myers said in the Irish Times that brought the wrath of  the Multiculturalists down on him:

The wide-eyed boy-child we saved, 20 years or so ago, is now a priapic, Kalashnikov-bearing hearty, siring children whenever the whim takes him.

IRC President to CNN: We need more government money!

I’ve had this CNN interview kicking around on my desk for a few days now and didn’t get to it because it’s one of those articles that makes me want to scream and write a treatise about.   And, I’m too lazy for a treatise.   So, just to get it out to you before it’s really old news (even though its the same old song and dance from the volags), here it is. 

George Rupp, the moneybags CEO of the International Rescue Committee was interviewed by Joe Sterling of CNN about “reforming” the Refugee Program as part of the PR campaign I told you about here.  As always, the only reform the Top Ten Volags want to discuss is MONEY, MONEY, MORE  MONEY, GIVE US YOUR MONEY!   They are hopeful that Obama is going to give them their (our) money, and why not, Obama is giving money away to all comers these days.

After a lament about struggling Iraqi refugees comes this segment of the interview:

Sterling: There was a meeting in March of several resettlement agencies. They came out with a joint statement [Anyone have the statement?] calling for reform of the refugee law. What do you think the government and lawmakers should be doing?

Rupp: Basically, the problem of Iraqi refugees in this economic climate only highlights the deficiencies in the overall organization and structure of resettling refugees in this country. Over the last 30 years, the funding for the refugee resettlement programs has dramatically declined in terms of any correlation with the cost of living. It is completely inadequate funding. It works only if refugees can find work virtually immediately.

What we need to do is to revisit the whole way in which the refugee resettlement process is funded and bring it back to the levels it was in the ’70s, when we were resettling Vietnamese refugees. It was very substantially better funded than it is now.

What did I tell you, reform=money, that is all these groups talk about.  And, if the program was better funded in the ’70’s (that would be before Uncle Teddy pushed the Refugee Act of 1980 through Congress and these volags got in on the dole), then it was because we didn’t have to pay the fat salaries of the CEO’s of these groups thus making more funds available for refugees.    The Vietnamese were basically cared for by individual churches and there were no $400,000 salary and benefit packages for the likes of Mr. Rupp (See my post on corporate humanitarianism here.)   How much do you want to bet that the salaries of the fatcats heading these volags has kept up with the “cost of living!”

I have an idea for reorganizing the structure for resettling refugees—get rid of these middlemen volags!

It looks like the days are waning for support from Bring-them-one-and-all-to-Hyannisport (not!) Kennedy and so they are expecting a bailout from Obama when and if Obama gets his act together.

Sterling: Tell me about allies in Washington. Are there folks in Congress and the administration who are focused in on this kind of reform?

Rupp: I would say there are, but it doesn’t have nearly as powerful and consistent a level of advocacy as we’d like. Sen. [Edward] Kennedy has been a stalwart supporter of doing a better job in resettling refugees. The Obama administration in principle acknowledges the problem and wants to do more. At the moment, the Obama administration hasn’t made the crucial appointments. Key positions have not been filled. All signals are the Obama administration takes this seriously, but at this point it’s too early to say because they don’t have the appropriate people in place.

For new readers, the IRC has closed its Boston office and left the refugees there in a lurch, so much for humanitarian love and all that.   Maybe the bigwigs that run this organization could have agreed to a reduction in their six-figure salaries to help the poor Iraqis they dropped off in Boston.   

Come to think of it, why couldn’t the budget-cutting IRC close its newer Boise office and keep Boston going?  But, since Teddy Kennedy is not the Senator from Idaho, and since just maybe he has enough life left in him to put pressure on Obama for more refugee funding, closing that Boise office wouldn’t have caught his eye, Boston surely did.

Now look at that, I’ve gone and written a treatise afterall when I should have been mowing grass (darn, looks like rain any minute!).

Rumor: Reader says some refugees let off the hook on repaying their airfare loans

Reader TonyLee says that he has heard that fairly well-off refugees who came to the US in the 1980’s and 1990’s did not suffer any consequences for not repaying taxpayer funded airfare “loans,” while today’s really poor refugees are hounded by the volags (supposedly non-profit federal contractors)  for the money.   Here is what he says:

Here’s another rumor. We know the Volags chase down the refugees to recover the interest-free loans made for airfare to the U.S. (must inculcate responsibility, you see).

We know the Volags pocket a whopping 25% of the funds they collect.

I have seen almost comical threatening legal letters sent to people who are illiterate. In these letters they are told their credit will be wrecked, they will be unable to buy a house, etc, etc.

Here is the rumor: those who arrived in the 80’s and 90’s did not pay back their loans and did not suffer any consequences.

Ironically, the Volags today are hounding truly poor and oppressed refugees for their last crumbs while the refugees who arrived in the 80’s and early 90’s who were not really refugees at all – many were basically middle class, educated Soviet Jews, never paid back the air loans. They were told they didn’t have to.

As we mentioned the other day in launching this new category (Rumors!), we do want to get at the truth about many many aspects of the Refugee Resettlement Program that are being kept hidden from the general public.

Can anyone tell us if Mr. Lee’s rumor is true or false?

Culturist John: Islamic countries must take care of their own displaced people

Arguing on his excellent blog, Culturist, John Press cites the chaos in Pakistan as the Taliban moves ever deeper into that nuclear-armed country and warns that we must not take Pakistani refugees.   Instead he says, displaced Muslims should go to Islamic countries.

We should not accept refugees from Pakistan. That nation is descending into turmoil. In Pakistan the government is fighting an extremely important fight. The government gave the Islamic group, the Taliban, parts of the Swat Valley region in exchange for peace. Shortly thereafter, the Taliban showed what appeasement does and pushed to expand outside of the agreed upon borders. And their implementation of Islamic law, called Sharia, has been brutal. Beheading and the destruction of hundreds of girls’ schools exemplify the terror the Taliban Muslims seek to expand. 1.3 million people have been internally displaced by this struggle. As culturists we demand that all refugees be sent to Islamic nations, not western ones.

Of course, that virtually never happens as we have reported many times on this blog.  Heck there would be no Israeli-Palestinian conflict now if Islamic countries had taken in their fellow Muslims, the Palestinians.

By the way, we don’t take large numbers of Pakistani “refugees”(so far!), but we do take some and I would like to know who they are and why we take them.   I just checked my stats for this fiscal year, and we resettled 10 Pakistani “refugees.”   In FY2008 we admitted 104.

Of course many Pakistanis can come in through other legal immigration programs including as an E-2 Treaty Investor as I pointed out in a post last year.    Coincidentally just as I was learning about the Investor program and noting it is likely connected to the extensive food stamp scam business (archive for my many posts on the fraud here), this came across my desk in one of those mass e-mails that fill our in-boxes.  I was glad I opened this one!


Warning From PakistanThis morning, from a cave somewhere in Pakistan, Taliban Minister of Migration, Mohammed Omar, warned the United States and Canada that if military action against Iraq continues, Taliban authorities will cut off America ’s and Canada ’s supply of convenience store managers. And, if this action does not yield sufficient results, cab drivers will be next, followed by Dell and Sprint customer service reps. _____It’s getting ugly! 

You gotta laugh sometimes!  

Back to the serious message from Mr. Press.  Afterall, Muslims are culturist!

In international discussions humanitarians have a double standard. They are willing to acknowledge that there is a “Muslim world,” but not that there is a non-Muslim world. The west is not built upon Islamic foundations, we’ve been at war with Islam for nearly 1400 years. Our roots come from Jerusalem and Athens. Muslims do not allow diversity in their realm because they are culturist. They wish to exercise their right of protecting and promoting their Muslim vision. We have a corresponding right to protect and promote our vision. This requires knowing who we are. When we use “humanitarian” language, we lose sight of our specific past and cultural identity. We are members of the U.N. but we are not a world body. Muslim countries exist and we are not one of them. We, therefore, do not need to accept Muslim refugees.

Sounds good to me.   Sounds logical, but the do-gooders promoting Islamic immigration to the US are so bent on proving that they are nice people.  They are so obviously unable to escape the politically correct brainwashing about multiculturalism and cultural relativism—all cultures have value—that Muslim immigration may well be our ultimate un-doing.  

Throughout the world, Muslims are making a concerted effort to flood the West with immigrants.   Meanwhile, as we have reported many times, certain Islamic ethnic groups have no intention of “melting,” but are busy demanding we accommodate them by changing our way of life.

I’m an optimist though, the Europeans for the most part have lost their will to defend the West, but there is a strong and ever-growing movement in America to stand up for our culture, for our Western freedoms and values.   The Tea Party movement is a testament of that will to survive.   We may be America Alone in the end, but we will prevail.