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Another Sudanese refugee goes on a rampage

O.K. this happened on Wednesday in Utah, but has anyone heard it mentioned ANYWHERE in the mainstream media?   A Sudanese refugee drove his car into a bunch of kids walking home from school and hit six of them!  None were killed.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

Police have arrested a man they believe purposely ran his car into six children walking home from Kearns Junior High on Wednesday.

As rattled parents and students tried to make sense of the bizarre incident Thursday, police continued to investigate why Luka Wall Kang, a 50-year-old Sudanese refugee, allegedly drove into the group of students on a sidewalk at 4015 West near 5600 South as children streamed home from school around 3:10 p.m.

Three boys hospitalized after they were hit by Kang weren’t seriously hurt and are on the mend, said Salt Lake County sheriff’s spokesman Don Hutson. The other three were treated at the scene. All of the injured students were home from the hospital by the end of the day Thursday, he said.

According to the Arizona Refugee Resettlement Program, Kang is a refugee from Sudan who came to the U.S. in May 2003 through Jewish Refugee Resettlement of Southern Arizona.

Records show he lived in Tuscon, Ariz., and Omaha, Neb., before arriving in Kearns “a few months ago,” Hutson said.

Kang told police that he suffered from depression and was frustrated over his lack of employment, Hutson said.

No, job, huh.  Nothing  new there either, but we keep bringing in refugees at a pace greater than last year.

Then this statement reminds us how little anyone knows about the refugee resettlement program.  We already heard above that he was a refugee resettled by a Jewish agency in Arizona, yet this is asked:

Hutson said police are working with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to determine whether Kang is here on a work visa or for political asylum.

He doesn’t have to be here as either, he is a refugee, one of 107 Sudanese resettled in Arizona in 2003.

Previously we have mentioned Sudanese refugees going crazy here and here.

Two Somalis in London charged with facilitating “jihad-style terrorism”

No surprise here, just more confirmation that countries showing humanitarian charity and opening their doors to the downtrodden could end up trodden on themselves.   News from London:

LONDON (AFP)–Two Somali men went on trial in London Wednesday accused of encouraging acts of terrorism around the world, including in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ahmed Mohamed, 33, and Musse Yusuf, 32, ran Web sites offering material including volumes titled “Mujahideen Terrorist Handbook” and the “Mujahideen Explosives Handbook”, the court heard.

“The ideological material possessed by both defendants included material supporting the cause of Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan, purported justifications for martyrdom operations and material encouraging jihad to be waged around the world,” said prosecutor Max Hill.

“Although a long way from their country of birth, these defendants used this country as a safe base from which to encourage and facilitate criminal activity of the most serious kind, namely jihad-style terrorism,” he said.

Netherlands to crackdown on asylum seekers, especially Somalis

I guess they have finally said, enough is enough, and this member state of the European Union is taking matters into its own hands.  Hurrah for the Dutch!

From Crossroads magazine:

Foreign nationals who come to the Netherlands with the intention to abuse the asylum procedures will also be dealt with outside the European Union. Experts from the Netherlands and the Ukraine have agreed to cooperate in identifying foreign nationals, in investigating travel routes, and in taking measures to combat human smuggling and human trafficking. Dutch State Secretary for Justice Albayrak made agreements about this with the Ukraine during the EU Migration Conference in Prague, which conference included the participation of countries to the east and southeast of the European Union.

Research has revealed, for instance, that Somali asylum seekers, currently the largest group of asylum seekers desiring admittance to the European Union, are being smuggled into the Netherlands through the Ukraine. About half the Somalis state to have received help during the journey, whether or not against payment. Afghans and Pakistanis are also entering the European Union through the eastern borders of the European Union.

Maybe Geert Wilders “speech” is breaking through to the political powers in the Netherlands afterall.