Debbie Schlussel has an interesting (and new to me) immigration fraud story

The gist of the scam is that apparently in order to get out of the English proficiency portion of the American citizenship test, one has to get a letter from a doctor attesting to the immigrants mental incapacity.   Enter doctors who lie!  In this case, according to Schlussel, hundreds of Muslims from the Dearborn, MI area became citizens.  Check out the whole story at Debbie Schlussel’s excellent blog here.

Geert Wilders to be prosecuted for inciting hatred

I have no time to comment on anything today, but I want to do a couple of posts just to present some news. We’ve been following the case of Geert Wilders, the Dutch political leader who speaks the truth about Muslim immigration. The Dutch News reports:

Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-Islam party PVV, will definitely be prosecuted for inciting hatred against Muslims and Islam, news agency ANP writes on Wednesday.

A request by Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moscowicz to have the decision to prosecute quashed has been rejected by the Dutch supreme court.

Amsterdam appeal court said in January Wilders should stand trial for hate speech and discrimination. The public prosecution department had said earlier there were not sufficient grounds to prosecute the MP.

The anti-immigration MP said he expected ‘a political trial’. ‘I am being prosecuted for something millions of Dutch people are thinking… Freedom of speech is being sacrificed on the altar of islam. But I am ready to fight back with my head held high’, he added.

Hat tip: Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch.

Obama Administration sends $110 million to Pakistan for refugee aid

This story has been all over the  news (Washington Post, Politico, Fox and more), so surely you have seen it already. 

I had planned to post it while it was fresh but I was trying to find out if Clinton and Obama used ERMA (Emergency Refugee Migration Assistance) funds for this.  The fund itself stands at around $100 million and we know the Administration already sent $20 million from the ERMA account to Hamas (oops! Gaza Palestinians), so this Pakistan gift would wipe out the fund.  That $20 million of course has been the source of unending rumors that it was being used to bring Palestinians to the US.  Judy has twice clarified this story here and here  in response to a commenter.

So, if you didn’t see that we are sending $110 million to Pakistan for refugees (in addition to untold millions to Pakistan in general) here is the Washington Post story.  If anyone finds from which pot of money this refugee aid has been sent, please let us know!

The Obama administration said yesterday that it will provide $110 million in emergency aid for Pakistani civilians displaced by recent fighting in the Swat Valley, as a Pakistani military offensive against the radical Islamist Taliban and allied foreign fighters continues to drive people from their homes. 

The aid, announced by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, is intended to help the Pakistani government meet the needs of nearly 1.2 million internal refugees who have fled the fighting in the past month in an exodus that U.N. officials say rivals that caused by the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Tens of thousands of Pakistanis are living in tents in squalid, sweltering refugee camps. Others are staying with relatives or host families or have rented temporary lodging.

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The Politico story (linked above) says that our military is going to give the money and supplies to the Pakistani military and aid groups to distribute.   How much military do we have in Pakistan?

Meanwhile, see this post about why we should not contemplate bringing Pakistani refugees to the US.