More of Malta’s illegal aliens headed to the US

Illegal immigrant Africans break into Malta and then are magically transformed into “refugees” after surely fabricating a persecution story, and we resettle them in America.   It is maddening!  When are we going to send some of our illegals to Malta?  Afterall, these are economic migrants just as those who enter the US from Mexico are and do not deserve the label “refugee.”

Here is the whole article from the Times of Malta yesterday.  It is short and every bit of it is interesting so I couldn’t figure out what to cut out.    We have been writing about Malta for nearly two years.   It was a former Bush Administration US Ambassador, I call her ‘Tea Party Molly‘ (this was before Tea Party acquired a more significant meaning), who came up with this brilliant idea of relieving the illegal alien problem for Malta by bringing them here!

A group of 13 refugees from Somalia, Eritrea and Sudan leave Malta tomorrow to begin a new life in the United States.

Since the US Embassy began its permanent refugee resettlement programme in May 2008, over 250 refugees have been resettled inthe US.

The programme is a collaborative partnership among the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the International Office of Migration (IOM), the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and a number of local non-governmental organisations.

Charge d’Affairs Jason Davis said the refugee resettlement program showed America’s continuing commitment to help ease the burden that migration placed on Malta, as well as its recognition of the enormous challenges and dangers that many of the migrants faced.

“The programme’s success is a tribute to continued hard work on the part of UNHCR, IOM, and the US government, as well as many others here in Malta who have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of refugees in need of humanitarian assistance,” Mr Davis said.

He added that all refugees were assigned a sponsor agency in the US that provided initial services such as housing, food, and clothing, as well as referral to medical care, employment services, and other support services during the transition period to self-sufficiency. These services were provided to facilitate refugees with the process of integration and cultural assimilation.  [What a joke, they will live in slums, unemployed and on welfare.   There will be virtually no cultural assimilation encouraged!]

As I said, I have written about Malta many times and its always the commenters to the Times of Malta articles that are so instructive!

Here is Anthea Preston:

I would love to be able to move to America and start a new life in the land of plenty – much better standard of living than here in the UK, but alas, I do not meet their strict criteria despite having quite a lot to offer compared to these “refugees” aka illegal immigrants!!!! Something very wrong here.

And, Louise Vella has a couple of questions:

I thank the US for taking these refugees but I have two comments:

1. Can the government inform the public how many refugees and illegal immigrants are still in Malta?

2. Do these resettlements not help to attract more illegal immigrants who see Malta as a gateway to America? Is this not a pull factor?

Louise, I can’t answer your first question, the US government can’t tell us either how many illegal aliens are in the US.  But, as for your second question, I am convinced the answer is absolutely, YES!   The word is probably all over Africa—get to Malta and you might win the lottery and get a taxpayer funded new life in America (plane ticket and all!).

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