Charges dropped against Somali murder suspect, Somalis complain, huh?

This is a weird little story from Minneapolis.  Apparently police have dropped charges against a Somali man believed to have murdered another Somali in Minneapolis last fall, but the police are being charged with  racism?    This is the whole story!

Local leaders of the Somali community are planning to file a complaint against the Minneapolis Police Department for what it calls a racist statement.

Murder charges were dropped Tuesday against Ramadan Abdi Sheck Osman when witnesses refused to testify against him.

Police believe he shot and killed Augsburg College student Ahmed-Nur Ali outside the Brian Cole Community Center last September.

Minneapolis Police spokesman Sgt. Jesse Garcia told the Star Tribune “this is their community. It’s up to them to help bring the killer to justice.”

The Somali Justice Advocacy Center says it’s deeply troubled by the statement.

That statement is racist?  Go figure!   But, we shouldn’t be surprised the Somali Justice Advocacy Center is comprised of one Somali at a Minneapolis address (no 501(c)3 on file and no Form 990 filed so who knows who pays him) who has been found guilty of immigration fraud and runs around the US acting like a Somali Jesse Jackson.  Just use our search function for Omar Jamal and you will see what I mean.  His latest escapade took him to NYC to help assure the Somali pirate gets justice.

Who is training refugees to stir up racial divisions?   Wouldn’t you like to know!

Hey, I just remembered something.  Omar Jamal began his American odyssey in TENNESSEE which is also where he was convicted of immigration fraud.  Now isn’t that interesting—Tennessee again!

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